Pop TV: Episode 3


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 3

Blimp Ride

*The episode opens with Piper and Jack sleeping in the bunk bed. An alarm clock is heard beeping and she wakes up, her hair a total mess. Piper presses the snooze button, and falls back asleep. But the alarm beeps again an hour or so later. Jack is a deep sleeper and didn’t even notice the alarm.*

Piper: Ugh…

*She rubs her eyes and then looks at the clock. It’s 7:59 am.*


*She quickly puts on a sweatshirt and sweatpants over her pajamas and runs out the door ending up at the school 5 minutes later. She sees no one there. She looks through a window, it’s dark inside.*

Piper: Oh right, it’s Sunday…*sigh*

*Piper walks home, where she realizes that everyone is still sleeping, so she climbs back into bed and dozes off once again.*

*Later, Piper walks downstairs and sees Jack, Octavian, and Amelia watching TV in the living room.*

Amelia: Hello Piper, how did you sleep?

Piper: Good, I guess.

Jack: Um… if you just woke up, then why are you dressed?!

Piper: *nervously laughs* You see, I um, thought I had school…

Jack: *slaps hand on his face and nods his head*

Octavian: Anyways, me and your mom are going to go see a movie and go out for dinner. You’re 8th graders, old enough to stay home yourself.

Amelia: We are going to leave at 4 and we should be home by 9. If you need anything then just call us, and don’t answer the door-

Piper: Why are you telling us if you’re not leaving for hours?

Jack: Because it’s 2 pm.

Piper: I slept for that long?!

Jack: Yup. Guess you shouldn’t have stayed up till 5 am.

Piper: Ugh, you’re no fun. Can we go outside or something, I’m bored.

Jack: OK.

*Outside, the kids notice the mysterious shack.*

Piper: Ooh, I wonder what’s in there-

Jack: No, no, don’t touch! My dad said to never go near it.

Piper: We could tonight…

Jack: *smiles*


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Theory Thursdays: The Booted Bandit’s True Identity

Hey Poptropicans, welcome back to Theory Thursdays. After a two week break for the Q&A, the theories are back baby!

And the logo wouldn’t work…

Today we will be discussing the Booted Bandit, one of the most mysterious villains to date. Even though they only play a minor role in Escape From Pelican Rock, similar to the Red Baroness from Monkey Wrench, the Booted Bandit is unique as they are an exact copy of your Poptropican! Sadly, the reason for this was never actually explored in Pelican Rock, but I have a few ideas of my sleeve.

You see, I believe that the Booted Bandit is actually your Poptropican’s long lost identical twin.

It may seem too shocking to be true, but there actully isn’t any evidence against that statement, as nothing has been revealed about your Poptropican’s backstory or family except how you found the blimp. This may change in New Pop, however. I’m actually starting to think that New Pop won’t be so bad after all. But that theory isn’t until next Thursday!

Anyways, this also explains the reason why the Booted Bandit is even evil. They are probably jealous of you for being so famous and heroic, while they are just a burgler with no friends. They seem to be obsessed with becoming rich, as they robbed all those banks and are looking for some treasure in that tower thingy, so I’m guessing all those medallions you collect are actually worth a lot of cash.

So the second they see you in Bay City, the Booted Bandit realizes this is their chance for revenge, and the events of EFPR follow.

Finally, I want to point out that the Booted Bandit is not the only character to look identical to your Poptropican. There’s also that butler dude from Mystery Train. But remember, I believe that Mystery Train is just a play or maybe a movie, so what if the Booted Bandit was an actor/actress who never rose to fame, unlike their heroic twin? Just let that settle in for a moment.

And that’s all for this week’s theory. See you next Thursday for my new thoughts on the New Pop!

Tall Cactus

Pop TV: Episode 2


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 2

Pilgrim Plunder

*Piper and Jack are walking out the door of Jack’s house the day after the first episode*

Piper: Weekend! Weekend! Let’s have fun!!!

Jack: I know, I know. Don’t you realize that you overreact about everything?

Piper: Yes, but I’m not gonna stop. I’m a rebel child…who’s starting to get bored. What is there even to do around here!!

Jack: Not much. I just heard that an old arcade on Main Street is reopening today, though.

Piper: Ooh let’s go there right now!

Jack: I have to go get some money from my parents first.

Piper: Okay…

Jack: But Piper, why are you always wearing that medallion? What even is it?!

Piper: I don’t know, I don’t care. Let’s just go have fun now!

5 Minutes Later, on Main Street…

Jack: Well, we made it to the arcade, so-

Piper: What’s that?!

Jack: What’s what?!

Piper: That sign over there.

*Piper points to a sign that says something about the old part of town*

Piper: Old part of town? Let’s go there!

Jack: Can we at least just go check out the arcade first?

Piper: Fine…

*Piper walks inside the arcade, but Jack stands outside for a moment, staring at the sign*

Jack: Maybe this town is more interesting than I thought…


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Not-quite-right Situations of Poptropica

Okay, it’s HL here, with a … Top-4 post! Since you guys (particularly Shaky Skunk) have seen a lot of top-5 lists, I decided to jazz it up a lot (maybe not), and do a top-4 list! So anyway, to the point, this list is about situations in Poptropica that aren’t … quite right. Situations where something is a little out of balance. So let’s start off.

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New Authors Needed!!!

I have to admit, ever since MG left, ECC has been a mess. For example, today we had no choice but to kick Super Comet off this blog due to her inactivity. We were already low on authors before coming to this decision, and now we stand at four: me (Tall Cactus), Shaky Skunk, Happy Lobster, and Popular Wolf.

So it’s no surprise that we need some new authors, probably 2 or 3, but we don’t know who to choose. If you are a blogger who wants to become a new ECC, then continue reading.

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You Asked, I Answered (Q&A with TC)

Let’s get this thing started, no need for an explanation if you read the title!

Lucky Joker asks: How long have you been playing Poptropica and is Tall Cactus your original account?

TC: This was originally two separate questions but I combined them since they fit together so nicely. I discovered Pop over the course of a few days in late March 2015, which totals to about a year and four months of playing. And unlike most Poptropicans, I’ve only ever had one main account, which means that Tall Cactus has been with me since the beginning.

Lucky Joker asks: What are some of your hobbies?

TC: Does laying in bed all day playing on electronics count as a hobby? Just kidding, that’s only during summer break. AKA right now. During the school year I like reading and hanging out with friends and all sorts of stuff!

Purple Claw asks: Can you tell us a very few things about your new fan-fiction?

TC: If you want a few, then here are a few, literally!

1. It’s totally different than Totem Curse, they are two totally different stories and have nothing to do with each other. For example in Pop TV Black Widow and Dr. hare are NOT related, well biologically at least.
2. I have to admit, the first episodes suck, but don’t worry, it will get better by the end of season 1. 🙂
3. There is a season 1 episode based on Water Thrill Island, an island idea that was created, just to be abandoned. Everyone found out about it when the Creators tweeted about it long ago.
Ultimate iPad Expert: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Lucky Wing: Could you describe yourself? In personality?

TC: I always have a hard time finding the right words to describe myself, I have no clue why. I’ll try though. I would say that I’m funny, smart, brave, creative, and a little stubborn and jealous sometimes. We all have flaws, don’t we?

But I’m not forgetting about you, UiPE. If I had to describe myself in one word, I’d say that I am unique.

Cuddly Knuckle: What’s your favorite island on Pop?

TC: #CounterfeitIslandFTW

Ultimate iPad Expert: If you had to rename your blog, what would you change it to?

TC: This is a tough one. I’d probably name it PopBLOGica or BLOGtropica, which were my two original names back in January, but then I found two dead blogs with the same names, so I had to just name it was it is today since I had no other ideas.

Lucky Wing: Do you look like your Poptropican?

TC: Kinda, the hair is a bit too blonde though. Dirty blonde hair looks green on Pop, so I had no choice.

Cuddly Brain: Where did you get your signature outfit from? PS I really like it.

TC: I got the pants, shirt, and scarf from exploring different islands, the lips from an ASG, and the earrings from the Oop Star costume in the story. Also, thanks!

And that wraps up the last question, folks. I may do another Q&A in a few months, probably about the Pop TV series however, since by then it should be in full swing.

In other news, it’s true, my blog won the Best Active Blog award in the Poppies! Thank you to everyone who voted for me, it means a lot. And sorry to those reading on ECC…

Anyways, I would have written and posted a special post about this award by now, but you see, I haven’t gotten around to it. I’m still working out how to make it sound decent and I’m waiting to get the… oh you’ll see later today or Friday! And there’s even more to be excited about, as the first episode of Pop TV releases this Saturday!

TC out.

Tall Cactus