Friend Finder

Welcome to the Friend Finder! Here, you can share your usernames, and add others. And if you want, you can share some information on your Poptropican, [like how many islands you’ve completed, how long you’ve had your account, etc] but like I said, only if you want to. You don’t have to!

Don’t be shy, share your username/usernames!

Let’s begin with mine.

ECC Authors

– MightyGamer126

– macandcheese520

– jvs134

– cca494

– captaincomet10

– topkop88

– BigYummyCandyApple

ECC Commenters

– RAHR52

– donatloul

– garfield10189

– theshortfeather

– npc:garfieldmax2

– lotusgirl3

– fizzlepop25

– lotusgirl4

– passwordiskaeli

– NachaaRules!

– whalewild123


29 thoughts on “Friend Finder

  1. Add mine….

    >jagger< (my main one)

    paul11623 (my old one)

    ]jagger[ (my extra one)

    justcomet (my female one)

    canhe99 (my backup)

    toycan (my backup)

    babyblue! (my old one)

    toto11623 (my little sister's)


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