Well, I’m a Failure

Heeeyyy guys! PW here. I’ve been a total failure. So, first off, I’m sorry.

What apology number is this?! I lost count. I’ve been getting back into the swing of school (taking two high school classes… and I’m not in high school 😛 ). On top of that, I’m now the editor-in-chief of my school yearbook, working on an animation, and writing too many things. Soooo, yeah. I’m BACK THOUGH! Finished entry tests and stuff. Yipperee-dang-doo.

So, ECC is dead. We all knew that. Anyway, the authors aren’t. Duh. So, EVERYTHING I’ve been posting about my animation here? LIES! IT’S ALL BEEN CHANGED! I’M LEARNING CARTOGRAPHY FOR THE STORY LINE, FOR ZEUS’S SAKE! And my drawing answers (here’s looking at you, Lucky Wing and DJ Vampi)? Yup, moving over to the dead PNC, my blog.

So, what’re you waiting for? C’mon over to the MYSTERY SHA– er, POPTROPICA NEWS CENTER! And yes, I’m reviving my YouTube. YEE!





Not-quite-right Situations of Poptropica

Okay, it’s HL here, with a … Top-4 post! Since you guys (particularly Shaky Skunk) have seen a lot of top-5 lists, I decided to jazz it up a lot (maybe not), and do a top-4 list! So anyway, to the point, this list is about situations in Poptropica that aren’t … quite right. Situations where something is a little out of balance. So let’s start off.

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You Asked, I Answered (Q&A with TC)

Let’s get this thing started, no need for an explanation if you read the title!

Lucky Joker asks: How long have you been playing Poptropica and is Tall Cactus your original account?

TC: This was originally two separate questions but I combined them since they fit together so nicely. I discovered Pop over the course of a few days in late March 2015, which totals to about a year and four months of playing. And unlike most Poptropicans, I’ve only ever had one main account, which means that Tall Cactus has been with me since the beginning.

Lucky Joker asks: What are some of your hobbies?

TC: Does laying in bed all day playing on electronics count as a hobby? Just kidding, that’s only during summer break. AKA right now. During the school year I like reading and hanging out with friends and all sorts of stuff!

Purple Claw asks: Can you tell us a very few things about your new fan-fiction?

TC: If you want a few, then here are a few, literally!

1. It’s totally different than Totem Curse, they are two totally different stories and have nothing to do with each other. For example in Pop TV Black Widow and Dr. hare are NOT related, well biologically at least.
2. I have to admit, the first episodes suck, but don’t worry, it will get better by the end of season 1. 🙂
3. There is a season 1 episode based on Water Thrill Island, an island idea that was created, just to be abandoned. Everyone found out about it when the Creators tweeted about it long ago.
Ultimate iPad Expert: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Lucky Wing: Could you describe yourself? In personality?

TC: I always have a hard time finding the right words to describe myself, I have no clue why. I’ll try though. I would say that I’m funny, smart, brave, creative, and a little stubborn and jealous sometimes. We all have flaws, don’t we?

But I’m not forgetting about you, UiPE. If I had to describe myself in one word, I’d say that I am unique.

Cuddly Knuckle: What’s your favorite island on Pop?

TC: #CounterfeitIslandFTW

Ultimate iPad Expert: If you had to rename your blog, what would you change it to?

TC: This is a tough one. I’d probably name it PopBLOGica or BLOGtropica, which were my two original names back in January, but then I found two dead blogs with the same names, so I had to just name it was it is today since I had no other ideas.

Lucky Wing: Do you look like your Poptropican?

TC: Kinda, the hair is a bit too blonde though. Dirty blonde hair looks green on Pop, so I had no choice.

Cuddly Brain: Where did you get your signature outfit from? PS I really like it.

TC: I got the pants, shirt, and scarf from exploring different islands, the lips from an ASG, and the earrings from the Oop Star costume in the story. Also, thanks!

And that wraps up the last question, folks. I may do another Q&A in a few months, probably about the Pop TV series however, since by then it should be in full swing.

In other news, it’s true, my blog won the Best Active Blog award in the Poppies! Thank you to everyone who voted for me, it means a lot. And sorry to those reading on ECC…

Anyways, I would have written and posted a special post about this award by now, but you see, I haven’t gotten around to it. I’m still working out how to make it sound decent and I’m waiting to get the… oh you’ll see later today or Friday! And there’s even more to be excited about, as the first episode of Pop TV releases this Saturday!

TC out.

Tall Cactus

Q&A With Tall Cactus!

Hey everyone!

Today is a lovely summer (well, winter if you live in Australia or something) Thursday, which means it is time for another…


I know, I know, you guys and gals were all expecting a theory, I was too. But last night, right after watching the new Steven Universe episode on TV, I suddenly came up with the idea for a Q&A session, something I haven’t done yet, something to switch the schedule up before Pop TV starts releasing.

For details on how this will all work, look down below.

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What Might Become of Poptropica


*moment of silence* *wipes tears*

My friends, that was in honor of the magnificent Mighty Gamer, who has just left our community. She will be missed dearly… *sobbing*

ANYWAY UM HEEEYYY GUYS PW HERE!! I have a theory (kinda sorta not really) about the new (unfortunately, improved) Poptropica! READY TO READ?! SCROLL DOWNNNN Continue reading

It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Hey there, Poptropicans.

The title explains it all. I’m not blogging anymore. Nor am I explaining in detail why. If you really want to know why I’m quitting, read my recent post on the PHB. Heck, you probably already have.

PW, I’ve made you an admin. And TC, I’ve made you an admin, too. Please look after Explore, Collect, Compete for me. I also gave every author all of the permissions on the ECC Discord server, EPC, so you guys are free to change up the server however you’d like.

And everyone else, keep up the good work, you’re all doing wonderfully. I’ll miss all of you so much, and thank you for every blogging experience. I’ve learned so much from all of you, but it’s time for me to leave. I’m sorry my stay here was so short-lived.

Goodbye to Popular Wolf, Tall Cactus, Super Comet, Happy Lobster, Shaky Skunk, Brave Tomato, HPuterpop, Fishy… you get the gist of it. Goodbye to all of the PHB authors, and to all of my dear friends who I’ll never forget.

Even if I didn’t mention you, I promise you were thought of. All of you.

For the last time, ever,

– Mighty Gamer.