Theory Thursdays: Captain BOO-fish

No, this isn’t about how lame and boring of a villain Captain Crawfish is, it’s my theory on why I think he’s…dead. And is a ghost. Yeah…


So we begin with the utterly long and difficult Skullduggery Island. Captain Crawfish is mentioned many times throughout, and your quest is to stop him. After hours and hours of trading, or days and days in game time, you finally find his ship and crew, defeating them. Later whole your digging up the treasure, they return to the island you’re on, but unlike in all that promotional art and even current pics of him, his hair isn’t gray, it’s BROWN?


Whether or not this is just an animation error or actually meant to be, it won’t affect my theory too much, because after Crawfish and his crew get stuck on that island, the theory could go a few different directions. They all end up with him being a ghost, though.

1. He was already dead.

Maybe Crawfish has been dead this whole time, a ghost haunting the seven seas in the afterlife.

2. He died on the island.

This could explain the hair color change, maybe he was trapped on that island for so long that he grew old and eventually reached his demise. Or, if the hair was an accident, didn’t stay there too long but ended up dying anyway.

1. + 2. Explaining Super Villain Island

I guess ghosts have totems and dreams now, no proof against that. Being a ghost would perfectly explain his nightmare with all those ghost versions of him in it.


3. Death AFTER SVI

On the “Can you swim?” Pop Quiz is shows Crawfish in the “No” answer picture.

That being said, he may not be able to swim, so he could have drowned after the villains got blasted into the ocean towards the end of SVI.

“But he doesn’t look like a ghost!”

In Ghost Story Island, Fiona doesn’t look like a ghost at first, but she actually is one, meaning that could be the same for Crawfish.

Oh, one more thing…

Captain Crawfish is still a lame villain even if he is a ghost. He just is.

-Tall Cactus


Theory Thursdays: New Thoughts on the New Pop

Maybe the New Pop won’t be as bad as we thought…

Again, a stupid logo fail

This week, I’m returning to a topic that has been brought up a lot in the past few months. And one that many people, myself included, were so not happy about. Yup, I’m once again doing a New Pop post.

As you may know, I really am dreading its release. Countless posts, well, more like 3 or 4, have been made of me saying all these bad things about New Pop and how bad it will be and how Poptropica will fall apart and so will its community…OK, it wasn’t exactly like that, but that is sure how I felt inside.

Yet, maybe we are overreacting a little. What if New Pop ISN’T as bad as we all think. I have some theories on what it will be like.

However, it’s not like we got any major news on this since New Pop’s announcement, so let’s just take a look back at the Creaots’ Blog post from the Cursed April 25th.


I think I actually may have a good idea of what the New Pop will be like, just from that post alone…

New Look: I guess the website will just look…shinier? Not much I can say on this but that. Also, it probably will be on a totally different website, with a slightly different URL. Maybe you’ll have to actually download it. As for the app, hopefully it’s up to date and has all the islands and stuff. Maybe there could be cross play between desktop and mobile if that’s the case. Let’s hope…

New Avatar: Poptropicans will probably have necks, fingers, and more realistic legs. There may be ears and noses, but I hope not. I’m guessing that the huge eyes will still be there, if they aren’t then I’m gonna be REALLY mad cause those eyes make a Poptropican…Poptropican! About clothing, I really hope that we’ll get way more options and maybe we’ll even be able to make our OWN costume parts! Probably will be a members only feature though.
New Stuff: Shoes? Good. Pets? Better. Houses? I don’t know, I don’t care.

New Social Experience: I have a good feeling that New Pop will finally have a free chatting system similar to Club Penguin. Finally. This is what Pop needs!

So yeah, New Pop probably won’t be bad, just more modern! And it doesn’t come out for a few more months though, don’t worry…


You may have noticed that I left out the “New Stories” part. I did this for a reason. I have a heck of a lot to say about this part, so keep on reading…

It seems like all the islands will finally be connected in one story. Something like this has happened in Super Villain Island, but there wasn’t much of an explaination. Now we know that all the islands are in one universe, and that this must mean that…

The New Pop isn’t entirely new. The old islands must still be canon if they are going to make a unified story, right? This is huge, guys. We could possibly get real villain origins, backstrories, forward-stories, and maybe even the true origin of Poptropica. Hopefully even your Poptropican’s backstory and their family.

I have to admit, even though this all sounds so cool and epic, I, still worried about New Pop. I’m sure many of you are too. We don’t know what will happen for sure, we just don’t have enough information yet. We probably are sad to say goodbye to the Current, soon to be Old Poptropica, even though it apparently will still be around for us to play. We probably are scared for a change.

But we shouldn’t be saying all these bad things about a game that hasn’t even released yet. Imagine if the Creators saw that, people criticizing all their hard work. It’s OK to be worried, but let’s just try to keep a positive attitude about the New Pop. Besides, it won’t come out for months…will it?

Tall Cactus

Theory Thursdays: The Booted Bandit’s True Identity

Hey Poptropicans, welcome back to Theory Thursdays. After a two week break for the Q&A, the theories are back baby!

And the logo wouldn’t work…

Today we will be discussing the Booted Bandit, one of the most mysterious villains to date. Even though they only play a minor role in Escape From Pelican Rock, similar to the Red Baroness from Monkey Wrench, the Booted Bandit is unique as they are an exact copy of your Poptropican! Sadly, the reason for this was never actually explored in Pelican Rock, but I have a few ideas of my sleeve.

You see, I believe that the Booted Bandit is actually your Poptropican’s long lost identical twin.

It may seem too shocking to be true, but there actully isn’t any evidence against that statement, as nothing has been revealed about your Poptropican’s backstory or family except how you found the blimp. This may change in New Pop, however. I’m actually starting to think that New Pop won’t be so bad after all. But that theory isn’t until next Thursday!

Anyways, this also explains the reason why the Booted Bandit is even evil. They are probably jealous of you for being so famous and heroic, while they are just a burgler with no friends. They seem to be obsessed with becoming rich, as they robbed all those banks and are looking for some treasure in that tower thingy, so I’m guessing all those medallions you collect are actually worth a lot of cash.

So the second they see you in Bay City, the Booted Bandit realizes this is their chance for revenge, and the events of EFPR follow.

Finally, I want to point out that the Booted Bandit is not the only character to look identical to your Poptropican. There’s also that butler dude from Mystery Train. But remember, I believe that Mystery Train is just a play or maybe a movie, so what if the Booted Bandit was an actor/actress who never rose to fame, unlike their heroic twin? Just let that settle in for a moment.

And that’s all for this week’s theory. See you next Thursday for my new thoughts on the New Pop!

Tall Cactus

Why GHD is the Worst Island Ever: a Theory, NOT Rant

Gotta catch ’em all, gotta catch ’em now…*bumps into wall*

Oh hey, Poptropicans, and welcome to another edition of Theory Thursdays!


As you saw, I was busy playing Pokemon Go. I only caught the one Pokemon that was in my driveway, however, and it’s super hot outside, so I decided to do this week’s theory instead. I would have added Theory Thursdays into the title like I usually do, but that would have made the title way too long for my liking. Anyways, let’s just get started with the post!

So, you know Galactic Hot Dogs Island, right?

Screenshot 2016-07-14 at 8.55.23 PM.png

And how so many Poptropicans, myself included, absolutely hate dislike it? It turns out that not many people actually have taken the time to sit down and think about the real reasons why they can’t stand this island. Well fear no more, as I have some “theories” on the matter.

The Design of the Island

I’m sorry, but everything in this island was…ugly. Yuck!

The Soundtrack

Even though I personaly played the island on mute, per usual, the one time I played GHD, I’ve heard people say that this island’s soundtrack isn’t that good compared to the other, better islands in the game.


Easy and…BORING.

I have to say, not only is GHD’s gameplay boring but so were those first three “theories”. Let’s move on to some interesting conspiraces I would like to share.

GHD’s Plot is a Rip-Off of Astro Knights

  • both happen in space
  • both have a princess and a queen in it (Elyana and Dagger)
  • you have to save three people on different planets in both (Cosmoe, Dagger, and that Big Dude + the knights)
  • there’s a robo compainion (whatever that flying robot is in GHD and Merlin the owl)
  • etc, etc…

GHD Stinks ‘Cause it was Rushed in Development

Now THIS is a true theory, peoples. So, you know Crisis Caverns, that island that may or may not come out soon? Well, it was orginally being planned out and/or made in January 2015, if you look up the sneak peaks. But, it never came out then, so it as obviously cancelled. Yet, what island did come out in January 2015? Galactic Hot Dogs Island.

What if GHD was only made to quickly make an island to replace Crisis Caverns? Maybe that would explain everything else mentioned above. Maybe the Creators didn’t originally plan for GHD to be so bad, maybe the poor island was just rushed in develpment.

Or, of course, GHD was already being made before Crisis Caverns was concieved, and it was just a crappy island to advertise the GHD graphic novel series.

That’s all for today, people.

-Tall Cactus

Also, you know that Top 10/5 List (s) I had planned for tomorrow for my blog? They’re cancelled. Instead, they will be mentioned in my special post on Saturday, which I will start working on tomorrow. Remember, it’s for my blog only, not ECC.

Theory Thursdays: Theories on Why There is No Theory Today

The title explains it all.

  1. I’m lazy
  2. I’m tired
  3. I have other things to do
  4. I almost forgot it was Thursday (I forget days of the week often during summer vacation)

Well, those are sure possible explanations for the absence of a real, interest theory post this week, but the real reason is that…

I’ve been busy writing my Mysterious Upcoming Fan-fiction!

Yeah, I’ve been pretty behind with that, so I’m trying to catch up as I want the first season of it to be done before it starts being posted on August 3rd, less than a month from now.

Anyways, sorry about this lame-o post. Expect two Top 5 lists tomorrow, along with the long awaited 24 Carrot Review on Sunday. There will be another post on Sunday because it will be the one-year anniversary of one of Poptropica’s darkest days: when 7 islands became members’ only. Other posts debuting in the next week or so will be “Why GHD is the Worst Island Ever” on Wednesday, July 13th, a bunch of theories put into one about Poptropolis on Thursday the 14th, and finally, the 6-month anniversary special of my blog on Saturday the 16th, with some special lists on my best (and worst) posts the day before.

That’s all for today’s post, see ya later!

-Tall Cactus

Theory Week: More Counterfeit Art


Let’s just start this right away, it’s very late here and I barely got this post out on time, it was posted at like 10:30 pm where I live. I was even originally going to do a huge post on Poptropolis, but I realized I wouldn’t be able to do it tonight, so enjoy this little theory instead. It won’t be as good or as long as my other theories, it’s the best I can do for now. As for the Poptropolis theory, that should be out sometime in the next couple days.

So, remember that Pop Art Museum in Early Poptropica?

Screenshot 2016-06-28 at 9.42.06 PM

Thanks a lot for photo bombing…

Go inside, and you’ll see all kinds of beautiful artwork…

Screenshot 2016-06-28 at 9.50.39 PM

Wait a second…that’s “The Scream” from Counterfeit Island!!!

Screenshot 2016-06-28 at 9.57.29 PM

Photo from the Creators’ Blog

Now that I think about it, a lot of the same paintings appeared on both Early Pop and Counterfeit. For example, there is a copy of “Starry Night” in the museum on Early Pop, another in the Counterfeit museum, and another in that package with the secret message on it.


From the PHB

At the end of Counterfeit, however, we learn that all the art in the Counterfeit Island museum was counterfeit (that’s how the island got its name) and that the real art was hidden behind everything else so they wouldn’t get stolen.

So, if some of the art from Counterfeit is also in the Pop Art Museum, that means that all the art in there is counterfeit too.

Pretty shocking, right? Actually, not really. That Pop Art Museum looks too pathetic to have real art tbh.

But there’s something that makes no sense about the art. Why does it look like it would here, in the real world, yet Pop looks all cartoon-y and stuff? Why didn’t they change the art to look like that Poptropican Mona Lisa in Time Tangled?

Screenshot 2016-06-28 at 10.24.05 PM.png

Oh wait, that looks real in the background…

I am seriously confused right now, someone please explain if you can actually come up with an explanation in the comments or something. In fact, I may make an entire post on this once I come up with an actual reason behind it.

-Tall Cactus

Theory Week: Time Tangled is a Play Too?! Maybe…


There, I used the logo. Happy?

I don’t know what else to say for this intro, let’s just move on to the theory then.

Remember yesterday’s theory on how I think that Mystery Train Island is a play? Today’s theory relates to that concept.

We begin with the words of Yandari-Sama, who also helped with the E. Vile and Mordred post from the other day. She’s a great writer and theorist, hopefully she begins blogging someday. Anyways…

“Back Lot Studios is known for many of its movies, especially the Blast from the Past series, even though it’s a made up name, the plot behind he theory will make sense, continue with me on as Yandari explains, now all you deep thinkers have realized in Time Tangled, no matter what clothes you are wearing, none of the past lives have noticed you are wearing modern clothes, which would initially interrupt the time-space continuum because an event that would happen in later time would happen before them knowing more information causing a variety of horrible things that can happen, like a nuclear war, zombie apocalypse, cats taking over the world. Time Tangled is also weird in the people don’t seem totally confident in themselves as if they were acting. It’s known to most if your past self saw your older self, and saves something usually the old self, would be completely destroyed and something different. I believe that Time Tangled island is a play or movie, a movie that you participate in, as an actor.”

I 100% agree with this. Since I also came up with the theory that Mystery Train Island is a play yesterday, does this mean that all the islands that seem to happen in the past are movies or plays or TV shows, and our Poptropicans are world famous actors? Nope.

I don’t think islands like Astro-Knights, Wild West, or Skullduggery are plays or movies, but instead are the real thing. For the full evidence, check out the Frozen in Time theory, one of my oldest and greatest theories that I posted back in good ‘ol February. If you don’t feel like reading an entire post right now, all you need to know is that someone messed up the past and made the islands all lost in time or whatever.

Not only that, but Binary Bard, El Mustachio, and Captain Crawfish all appear in Super Villain Island, so those islands had to be the real deal.

To wrap things up, I think that Time Tangled Island didn’t actually happen, and if that is true it is probably a movie, I think it would have been way harder to make props and sets than Mystery Train.

Then again, Time Tangled was only the third island ever created, so the Creators were probably just trying to make it a good teaching tool for a social studies class at first. Seriously, they have Poptropica teacher guides on some weird teacher website/blog.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 at 8.16.42 PM.png

“Our Hero”?! Gosh this is making me cringe, I better go…

-Tall Cactus

Wait, there’s a 24 Carrot teaching guide?! I’m pretty sure that island isn’t even educational! Just, don’t ask.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 at 8.18.10 PM.png

I’m looking at you, Holly Poulos…

Poptropica Conspiracy Theory: Holly Poulos, the author of the teaching guides, is actually a Pop Creator in secret.