The End of ECC

I know you were all looking forward to the new authors, but…

Explore, Collect, Compete is closing down. Permanently.

Look, I’m sorry, I really am. We (the authors) just didn’t know what else to do. Ever since MG left, the blog has been going downhill. Less views. No new comments, aside from the new authors post. A slow, silent death.

But the main issue was that almost all the posts from the past month or so were also posted on other, more popular blogs. There isn’t anything original anymore, the blog has lost its charm. What’s the point of doing it any longer? I’m sorry but I just can’t! We can’t!

Thank you to everyone who has read ECC, it means a lot. It really does. ECC wouldn’t have become as amazing as it is without you guys.

ECC will not be deleted, just inactive from now on. As for the Discord server, that will be deleted, since it’s even more inactive then the blog. But I may wait a couple days, I’ll announce more details over on there.

I’m sorry, I truly am, but it’s for the best. Who knows, maybe we’ll revive it one day! You never know…

-Tall Cactus and the ECC Staff

PS: I had such a hard time coming up with the words to write this post. We were originally going to have all the authors work together to make it, but that unfortunately didn’t work out. So sorry if it was corny, I tried my best. And I’m sorry for saying sorry so many times.