Not-quite-right Situations of Poptropica

Okay, it’s HL here, with a … Top-4 post! Since you guys (particularly Shaky Skunk) have seen a lot of top-5 lists, I decided to jazz it up a lot (maybe not), and do a top-4 list! So anyway, to the point, this list is about situations in Poptropica that aren’t … quite right. Situations where something is a little out of balance. So let’s start off.

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Top 5 islands of Poptropica


It’s Happy Lobster here, with my first non-news/update post. Anyway, this list is of – gee, I dunno – the top 5 islands in Poptropica! But don’t judge the image above, Twisted Thicket is not one of the 5, though it has pretty awesome art. And Wimpy Wonderland will never be on that list, and if I had to compose a list of the 5 worst islands, it would probably take up all five places.

Anyway, enough of spoilers! So here are the top 5:

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A brand-new, super major Poptropica update!

One of the biggest updates to Poptropica yet, no doubt part of the whole Poptropica rebranding process that will be completed later this year, has been introduced!


Yep, the Poptropica map has been completely updated, with a similar set-up as the App one. As you will have noticed, the order of islands on this new map are totally out of whack, all islands positioned randomly instead of its release date order, and even the Realms are bang in the middle of the islands (which in my opinion, suggests that this was a slightly rushed job done by the Creators). You will notice that all islands are now coloured, like SUIs, but all the SUI islands are still SUIs, and all the non-SUIs are still the same.

So let’s take a tour of this new map, shall we?


Whenever you visit an island, a small page will pop-up, which includes its own logo, as you will notice that on the new map that the Creators have taken out the all of the island’s title logos on this map and replaced them with island names with normal text. This pop-up describes the general island plot, a progress bar, its difficulty, which is marked by three skulls, its completion counter, and options to restart or play the island.


When you click on the settings icon on the top left-hand corner of the map, a smaller pop-up page will appear with options for sound, dialog speed, and graphics. It will come with two more buttons that lead to your normal Account Settings, along with Help and Support, and it tells you your logged-in Poptropican name.

When you log into your account, you will not be greeted by the usual homepage, but you go straight to Home Island with options to go back to the island you were on before. This is the same for when you click on the Home icon on the map or on an island, for when you do so, there again will be no homepage, but it will lead you straight to Home Island.


The store icon on the map and in-game lead to your normal store, but a few hours after the update, you would visit the Store that was the same as the one on the App. However, you could not buy anything there, and Poptropica soon squashed that major bug.

So, I hope you enjoyed that major update to Poptropica! There has been a lot of criticism about all of this from the community in general, but personally, if the new map had just kept the island logos on the map, it still had a normal sequence, and there was still a homepage, the update would be perfect for me!

For those of you who miss the old map, this picture shows all of it, with credit to Yujo_the_Jumpy_Coyote for it!

That’s all for now. Expect more thrilling (and maybe some not-so-thrilling) updates to Poptropica later this year!

-Happy Lobster 😉

New author!

Hey, I’m Happy Lobster, or known as HL for short. I’m a teenager who’s been playing Poptropica since I was six in late 2008. I’m into gaming (in particular Poptropica with a few others), anime, reading and drawing. If you want to friend me, my username is topkop88. I am at the moment in two blogs, this one, and in my own. I’ll probably post once or twice a week here about various Poptropica articles, ideas and more.  🙂