Theory Thursdays: Captain BOO-fish

No, this isn’t about how lame and boring of a villain Captain Crawfish is, it’s my theory on why I think he’s…dead. And is a ghost. Yeah…


So we begin with the utterly long and difficult Skullduggery Island. Captain Crawfish is mentioned many times throughout, and your quest is to stop him. After hours and hours of trading, or days and days in game time, you finally find his ship and crew, defeating them. Later whole your digging up the treasure, they return to the island you’re on, but unlike in all that promotional art and even current pics of him, his hair isn’t gray, it’s BROWN?


Whether or not this is just an animation error or actually meant to be, it won’t affect my theory too much, because after Crawfish and his crew get stuck on that island, the theory could go a few different directions. They all end up with him being a ghost, though.

1. He was already dead.

Maybe Crawfish has been dead this whole time, a ghost haunting the seven seas in the afterlife.

2. He died on the island.

This could explain the hair color change, maybe he was trapped on that island for so long that he grew old and eventually reached his demise. Or, if the hair was an accident, didn’t stay there too long but ended up dying anyway.

1. + 2. Explaining Super Villain Island

I guess ghosts have totems and dreams now, no proof against that. Being a ghost would perfectly explain his nightmare with all those ghost versions of him in it.


3. Death AFTER SVI

On the “Can you swim?” Pop Quiz is shows Crawfish in the “No” answer picture.

That being said, he may not be able to swim, so he could have drowned after the villains got blasted into the ocean towards the end of SVI.

“But he doesn’t look like a ghost!”

In Ghost Story Island, Fiona doesn’t look like a ghost at first, but she actually is one, meaning that could be the same for Crawfish.

Oh, one more thing…

Captain Crawfish is still a lame villain even if he is a ghost. He just is.

-Tall Cactus


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