Theory Thursdays: New Thoughts on the New Pop

Maybe the New Pop won’t be as bad as we thought…

Again, a stupid logo fail

This week, I’m returning to a topic that has been brought up a lot in the past few months. And one that many people, myself included, were so not happy about. Yup, I’m once again doing a New Pop post.

As you may know, I really am dreading its release. Countless posts, well, more like 3 or 4, have been made of me saying all these bad things about New Pop and how bad it will be and how Poptropica will fall apart and so will its community…OK, it wasn’t exactly like that, but that is sure how I felt inside.

Yet, maybe we are overreacting a little. What if New Pop ISN’T as bad as we all think. I have some theories on what it will be like.

However, it’s not like we got any major news on this since New Pop’s announcement, so let’s just take a look back at the Creaots’ Blog post from the Cursed April 25th.


I think I actually may have a good idea of what the New Pop will be like, just from that post alone…

New Look: I guess the website will just look…shinier? Not much I can say on this but that. Also, it probably will be on a totally different website, with a slightly different URL. Maybe you’ll have to actually download it. As for the app, hopefully it’s up to date and has all the islands and stuff. Maybe there could be cross play between desktop and mobile if that’s the case. Let’s hope…

New Avatar: Poptropicans will probably have necks, fingers, and more realistic legs. There may be ears and noses, but I hope not. I’m guessing that the huge eyes will still be there, if they aren’t then I’m gonna be REALLY mad cause those eyes make a Poptropican…Poptropican! About clothing, I really hope that we’ll get way more options and maybe we’ll even be able to make our OWN costume parts! Probably will be a members only feature though.
New Stuff: Shoes? Good. Pets? Better. Houses? I don’t know, I don’t care.

New Social Experience: I have a good feeling that New Pop will finally have a free chatting system similar to Club Penguin. Finally. This is what Pop needs!

So yeah, New Pop probably won’t be bad, just more modern! And it doesn’t come out for a few more months though, don’t worry…


You may have noticed that I left out the “New Stories” part. I did this for a reason. I have a heck of a lot to say about this part, so keep on reading…

It seems like all the islands will finally be connected in one story. Something like this has happened in Super Villain Island, but there wasn’t much of an explaination. Now we know that all the islands are in one universe, and that this must mean that…

The New Pop isn’t entirely new. The old islands must still be canon if they are going to make a unified story, right? This is huge, guys. We could possibly get real villain origins, backstrories, forward-stories, and maybe even the true origin of Poptropica. Hopefully even your Poptropican’s backstory and their family.

I have to admit, even though this all sounds so cool and epic, I, still worried about New Pop. I’m sure many of you are too. We don’t know what will happen for sure, we just don’t have enough information yet. We probably are sad to say goodbye to the Current, soon to be Old Poptropica, even though it apparently will still be around for us to play. We probably are scared for a change.

But we shouldn’t be saying all these bad things about a game that hasn’t even released yet. Imagine if the Creators saw that, people criticizing all their hard work. It’s OK to be worried, but let’s just try to keep a positive attitude about the New Pop. Besides, it won’t come out for months…will it?

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