Not-quite-right Situations of Poptropica

Okay, it’s HL here, with a … Top-4 post! Since you guys (particularly Shaky Skunk) have seen a lot of top-5 lists, I decided to jazz it up a lot (maybe not), and do a top-4 list! So anyway, to the point, this list is about situations in Poptropica that aren’t … quite right. Situations where something is a little out of balance. So let’s start off.

4. The Not-quite-right Kiss


Okay, let’s get beyond the fact that it is weird. It’s justly won the nomination for ‘Weirdest Poptropica Moment’ in the 2016 Poppies. But that’s not what I want to talk about here.

The couple is actually slanted during their kiss, and that’s the first time a Poptropica has ever drifted away from being vertical, or even horizontal (as in the case of lying in one of Mew’s beds in Cryptids.) But does that qualify as ‘not-quite-right’? Maybe.

And in addition, notice that Christopher’s (the boy, duh) mouth is suddenly transformed into a Poptropican girl’s mouth. Possibly because of his lip-puckering?

And both Katya’s and Christoper’s lips sparkle during their snogging. Did someone throw glitter in their faces? Did the couple activate their ‘Sparkle Power’ (grand prize from minigame Shrink Shot) to their lips? I doubt it.

So … no, not right.

3. The Not-quite right Elves


Two different elves? And there’s only one representative in the Sacred Tree towards the end of Twisted Thicket? Weird. The representative in the Tree is actually not shown anywhere on the island except for that scene. So what happened to the other poor breed of elves?

There’s a good chance they’re the real elves, as they aren’t able to be accessed with the costumiser, unlike the representative elf, who is. So is that one possibly human? (Though the other elf does have the general body of a Poptropican human, too.)

But the representative elf isn’t the only apparently ‘non-human’ creature in Poptropica who is costumisable. When you get to the night stage of Monster Carnival, after the carnies are transformed into monsters, you can access two of them with the costumiser.

And then we could get on to the Store monsters, but it’s probably a good idea to leave them for another time …

2. The Not-quite-right Paintings


Now this has to be a mistake by Poptropica. Why would pictures of the same two old ladies be in different places, and islands? They could, of course, be twins, though. However, I doubt Poptropica would go through that effort to make a minor connection that most players will never notice. Probably a coincidence.

The left portrait comes from New Jersey in Cryptids, while the other comes from Hemlock Harbour, in Ghost Story. Hemlock Harbour is an imaginary town in New England, which is a region in the US, consisting of some states, which is actually just above New Jersey. Again, coincidence? Probably.

But looking past the old ladies, you can see that there’s different backgrounds. One of the ruined house in the woods of New Jersey, and one showing the coastline with a lighthouse silhouette of the seashore town of Hemlock Harbour. The women could well be twins who moved a little away from each other.

But this brings us to the ever-expanding area of theories, and that’s not quite what this post was for.

1. The Not-quite-right Show


Go on any place in Game Show where you played a game show, after you have a different costume to the one you last completed the island with. Then look at one of the large screens where you see yourself in one of the games. Your Poptropican in the screen will be wearing the costume you have on now, and not the one you actually wore when you did the game show.

And then to crown that little fault, you can see yourself on the screen doing a whole lot of movements and talking you never remember doing. This includes some weird action where we appear to be shooting green sonar-ish rays with our closed eyes. Hypnotising, maybe? And if we did really do that in the game show, that would come probably under cheating.

But again this us to the topic of theories, which is not exactly what I’m supposed to be talking about right now. (Though admittedly this post does come onto the border of theories. But I’m not telling them now.)

I mean, we’re in control of our Poptropicans, so we control every movement they make. So how are those explained?

So that concludes it. What do you think of them? Is there anything else in Poptropica you think that would fit in this not-quite-right list?

-HL  😉


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