New Authors Needed!!!

I have to admit, ever since MG left, ECC has been a mess. For example, today we had no choice but to kick Super Comet off this blog due to her inactivity. We were already low on authors before coming to this decision, and now we stand at four: me (Tall Cactus), Shaky Skunk, Happy Lobster, and Popular Wolf.

So it’s no surprise that we need some new authors, probably 2 or 3, but we don’t know who to choose. If you are a blogger who wants to become a new ECC, then continue reading.

If you want to be an author, we need to evaluate your blogging skills and other important things. That’s why you must answer these questions in a comment below:

  1. Your WordPress username and email. You must have a WordPress account if we end up inviting you!
  2. What’s your Poptropica username?
  3. Do you go on Discord often?
  4. What blogs do you work on, and for how long have you’ve been blogging for? Please include links to the sites.
  5. Why do you want to work on ECC?
  6. If you end up being invited, what types of posts will you write? How often will you post? We need authors who are committed and active with posting.
  7. Anything you’d like to say about your personality and hobbies? If you get invited you will need to write a paragraph about yourself that will be added to the About page.
  8. Anything else you’d like to add?

And that’s it. Just answer those 8 questions in the comments and you could even become the newest ECC author!

-Tall Cactus and the Rest of the ECC Team

PS: Super Comet will be missed. 😦


19 thoughts on “New Authors Needed!!!

  1. Hi! I’d like to be an ECC author.
    1. My WordPress username is, I think, magicpanda2, and it shows as Magic Panda, and my email is
    2. My Poptropica username is private since I get hacked a lot, so please check your messages on Discord.
    3. I go on discord very often, I’m there every day if I can be. 🙂
    4. I work on ATB, but there hasn’t been any posts recently.
    5. I would like to work on ECC to help fill in for the authors that are not working on here anymore, and because the blog I already work in isn’t very active at the moment. I’d also like to contribute some of my ideas!
    6. If I get invited to ECC, I will make posts keeping Poptropicans up to date about new things happening in Poptropica. I’ll post as often as possible.
    7. I’m a girl that lives in the USA who loves drawing and playing the flute. I’ve been on Poptropica for about 4-5 years, and I’m a computer addict 😛
    8. I hope I get accepted into ECC! Thank you! 😀

    -Magic Panda

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  2. Hey ECC! It’s me, Marshie, and I’d really like to be a blogger on your blog. My wordpress username is Marshmallow and my email is My Poptropica username is Marshmallowlilypads and, if you ask me, I go on Discord TOO often ;). I am the owner of The Poptropican’s Undercover Guide (I’m always looking for new Poptropicans to interview using the email I’d like to work for the ECC because I’m always interested in Poptropica blogs and the ECC is plain awesome in general. I love all of the authors here and you’re blog posts are amazing. If I become an author on the ECC I’d like to move my Poptropican interviews to this blog and maybe write some more fan fiction too. I’d like to post every week and I’d write and edit posts over the weekend around my school schedule. I’m interested in many activities including writing, singing, acting, drawing, and of course, playing Poptropica. My MPIP in the PHB shows my entire story of being introduced to Poptropica and falling in love with it instantly. Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll consider me to be one of the next ECC authors! Oh, and congratulations on being nominated for the Poppies! 🙂

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  3. 1. My username is luckyjokerpoptropica, and my email is
    2. My Poptropica username is julian0608
    3. I’m on Discord for at least 15 hours a day.
    4. I work on a few:
    5. I would love to help out around here! 🙂
    6. I’ll mainly post about Poptropica updates/ news, but I can also make Walkthrough videos! 😛 I will try to post, at least, once a week. If not, more!
    7. I’m very funny (I’d like to think). I’m also quirky, kind, and organized.
    8. Thanks for the opportunity!

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  4. Hi, I’m Wild Whale, and I’d love to be an ECC author.
    1.My WordPress username is wildwhale1 and my email is: (A bit random)
    2.My Poptropica username is whalewild123.
    3.I go on Discord almost everyday.
    4.My blog is: and I’ve been blogging for a month and a half.
    5.I love this blog and I really want to help out!
    6. I would probably post the new chapters of my fan-fiction and perhaps some news posts as well.
    7.I enjoy playing basketball, art (although I’m not that good at it) and I love a good laugh from time to time!
    Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this and I hope that I can become an author on this blog!

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  5. Hi TC! I would like to become an author on ECC!
    1. My WordPress username is purpleclaw750 (Purple Claw is my display name) and my email
    2. My pop username is donatloul.
    3. I go to Discord almost everyday.
    4. These are the blogs I work on:
    I have been blogging for 2 months and a half.
    5. ECC is an amazing blog and I don’t want it to become inactive like a lot of other blogs.
    6. I would mostly news, theories and lists. I will try to post at least once a week.
    7. I love blogging, drawing, playing basketball, football. I also like poetry, cartoons, animals, french fries, history, reading, theories, typos, memes and more! 😛
    8. I would be honored to become a part of this blog. Thanks for taking time to read this! 🙂

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  6. Hello! This is MariotropicaX and would LOVE to be a Author on this Blog!
    1.mariotropica &
    3.Yes! I LOVE Discord!
    4.I work on Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog, and I have been a author on that for About a Month now!

    5. I want to be on the ECC because I am kind of a WordPress Newbie, & I am trying to be on at least 2-3 Blogs. I am thinking about starting my own Blog too!
    6. If I get invited to the ECC, I will try to put a little humor in my posts, and I will also write Top 10 posts. I will try to be SUPER active! (at least until school starts. *~* ).
    7. I LOVE Poptropica, Mario, and the Dallas Cowboys! (told by the name) I am a frequent PHB viewer and commenter. I am a HUGE fan of yours, Tall Cactus!
    8. I am going to have to end this list because I am in the Middle of defending Hputerpop’s house from ants. Thanks for the opportunity to be an author! 😀

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  7. 1. Username: happypandapoptropica
    Password: I am not telling y’all that! 😉

    2. Usernames:

    3. I am on Discord at least three times a day.

    4. I currently don't work on any blogs, but I am a fan of all Poptropica blogs.

    5. Because the E.C.C. blog is awesome! Plus, I would love to blog about Poptropica on a site that has multiple authors.

    6. a. Top (Insert Nummber Here) posts, guides, cheats, dev console stuff
    b. At least once a week.

    7. I love Lego, Marvel, DC Comics, Poptropica,, and Jesus.

    8. I am the temp. leader of the REKT Clan, and for the rest of the time I'm a member and their manager. I also am great with technology.


    • Also, I am now a co- leader of Rekt. I also help the PHB with dev console stuff. I even have had one of my fan fictions in the Popcorn Magazine. You can also see my current fan fictions in the PHB forums


  8. greetings earthlings and I’m themadfeather here’s my answers 2. garfield10189 3. I go on discord every day . 4. I work on my own blog that has been up since June 18, 2016 5. I simply LOVE this blog it would be a VERY high honor just to be accepted 6. I have me theroies me news , me ad alerts and a lot more, and I post every day! 7. I am pretty young yet I am really good with computers, I enjoy swimming, gaming, tv and board games I am a little competitive and LOVE to win. I found Poptropica last year and made a poptropican with a name like silly raptor or crazy lizard I had membership but, was BAD at poptropica I couldn’t get past the first step on red dragon or early pop I forgot of poptropica a few days after I destroyed my username and password when my friend was jealous and tried to steal my account. But, this year I remembered poptroica and made the account you know today as Short feather he was kinda weird looking at first but, he slowly got the looks he has today. One day I just couldn’t figure out the island time tangled so I set out and bought the poptropica official guide . It didn’t help with all the islands so I searched poptropica help on google and I found the phb it inspired me to make my own blog I also check out a few other blogs too . So, that all bout me.


  9. Hi, I’m friendly whale. And I’d like to be an ECC author.

    1. My username on wordpress is friendlywhale and my email is

    2. my poptropica username is: justicefashion#1.

    3. I just started discord, but I will use it often if you want me to.

    4. I have my own blog, and I started yesterday.

    5. I love blogging, and I think it’d be a great opportunity to meet new authors and maybe even learn something new.

    6. I will post about news, island guides, costumes, fan-fictions, etc. and I take blogging seriously, so it would be rare for me to be inactive.

    7. I’d say I’m funny, smart, fun, and dedicated. My hobbies are reading, blogging, chatting, and playing poptropica.

    8. trust me, if I’m invited, you count on my dedication.

    hope I earn it!


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