What Might Become of Poptropica


*moment of silence* *wipes tears*

My friends, that was in honor of the magnificent Mighty Gamer, who has just left our community. She will be missed dearly… *sobbing*

ANYWAY UM HEEEYYY GUYS PW HERE!! I have a theory (kinda sorta not really) about the new (unfortunately, improved) Poptropica! READY TO READ?! SCROLL DOWNNNN

So, these are all assumptions and such… nothing more! First off, we all know that if this new Poptropica has the old islands, they’re all gonna be SUIs. You should head over to Jeff Heim’s SoundCloud page and hear some of his tracks šŸ˜‰

Another thing? They might be continuing some islands or specials, like LEGENDARY SWORDS.

And, I don’t like the whole change in art style, but our characters will most likely look like they’re from the MotM graphic novel/comic strip series.

Not much of a theory there… But I’m working on more, so, um… that’s all ya get, kiddies!

Seeya l8r, Poptropi-g8rs!



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