Ask Me Anything!

Here you guys! PW here. You may know that a lot of artists do this, so why not me?

I just came back from vacation, and I’m currently working on the animation. So, I wanna do something that lets you know I’m still active! XD You ask questions for me to draw an answer to, and the squad is more than happy to answer!

Here are the people you can ask:

-Petra Wolff (PW)

-Mordred le Fay (Binary Bard)


-Cornelia Van Buren





-Ringmaster Raven


-Lazy Abe (Gamer Guy)




-Sir Cador

-Sir Pelleas

-Sir Gawain le Fay





Wooooo, what a bunch! You can ask one, two, up to five people!

Have fun, and keep it clean, kids!




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