It’s Time to Reveal…

The basic animation plot!

Heeeyyy guys, PW here! If y’all didn’t know, I’m working on a Poptropican anime! Yay!

So, without further ado, here are the islands and basic plot concepts!


Skydock island– Introduced to the main characters, not counting Mordred

Super Villain (Erewhon)– Get the rough idea of the quest

Counterfeit– Look for Black Widow

Skullduggery– Look for Captain Crawfish, learn about Florence’s (main character) past

Vampire’s Curse– Look for PW’s necklace (important! not telling ya why wahahaha)

AstroKnights (Arturus)– Learn about Petra’s (my) past, look for Mordred/Binary Bard

Monster Carnival– Look for Dr. Hare, learn about Ringmaster Raven and Kip (main character)

Zomberry– Look for a cure for Daisy (main character)

Ghost Story– Learn about Daisy

Virus Hunter– Cure Daisy, meet Dr. Lange

Survival– Crash land, learn about Cornelia (main character)

Steamworks– Piece things together, learn about Funkfreed (main character)

Blimp travel– Learn about Mordred and his motives

Escape from Pelican Rock– Crew gets arrested and learns the truth about Dr. Jupiter

Legendary Swords– Final battle

Skydock island– The cool down after the war


What do you guys think? Sorry for not including all the islands, it’s just a LOT of work. There’ll be plenty of comedy, plot twists, action, and romance to go around in this. And remember, we are only a game.

Want frequent updates about the characters and concept art? Check out my PicsArt account! (username: TipsyTweedles)

Seeya l8r, Poptropi-g8rs!



This picture is more important then you think… ๐Ÿ˜‰




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