And Anotha One

Heeeyyy guys! PW here, proudly filling up your reader since today! And I’m piecing things together playing Our discovery Island about Mordred… Read on for my theory weirdness. (I’m not great at these things like TC, but I’m trying!)


So y’all better remember this pic. Important as a banana to a monkey.


As you can see, the cursor is on the circus. Why, you ask? WELL, let’s see!


Look closely at the Mordred. Okay, he’s a cute smol baby. NOW, look at this Mordred.


Y u look like a jester, Mordred? Y u so rebellious?!

So, here’s the idea I got: What if Mordred, a curious genius child, was shunned by his family? After all, he was pretty out there. What if he went to the circus? Hmmm? Then he gets his cool new outfit. Mhm, that’s what I’m thinking. But why is he in Arturus now? Simple. He grew up and moved out.


Doesn’t he look like a mix of Mordred and Binary Bard? Guys, I’m being serious here.

Alright, alright. I tried to make sense out of what I thought. Eh, well… hope you enjoyed my poor excuse of a theory!

Seeya l8r, Poptropi-g8rs!




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