ECC Polls: Minigame Madness, Poll 2

Hey, Poptropicans!

Welcome back to week 2 of Minigame Madness, poll 2! You could have voted for Prepare for Impact, Shrink Shot, Legendary Swords, and Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab. But now you can’t, since the poll went down today! (6/15/16)

It was a close match, but Legendary Swords prevailed! (Sadly… sorry, voters. I wanted Shrink Shot to win.)

Also, I’d like to addย that on the final post, the results of every poll will be revealed. Not only that, but on a bar chart. How shmancy! So look forward to that. ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyways, let’s get on with this week’s voting. These week’s choices are Earth Day, Haunted House, Nano-Combat Training, and Blimp Adventure.

Again, choose wisely! Ugh, and I still can’t vote…

Well, see y’all next week!



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