How to Survive the Lack of Pop News

Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t post again till Sunday because I am kinda sick, but now I feel a lot better, thank goodness!

Anyways, I was talking to fellow ECC author Shaky Skunk about how there hasn’t been any Pop news in a while and that sort of stuff, so I thought, why not make a post about it?

As you all know, I haven’t posted about news in two weeks or so. There just hasn’t been any AT ALL. That new schedule I made? I made it just so my blog would stay active. All those bloggers leaving and becoming less active? Many of them lost interest, there is just nothing new in sight. Well, there is Crisis Caverns, but that probably won’t come out for at least another month.

I’m 100% sure that the only reason this is happening is because the Creators are too busy with the New Pop. After it comes out this fall or winter, there should be a lot of new content again, as the New Pop is a different website, as it is a huge update to the Current Pop at the very least.

But that’s still no excuse for the content we have been seeing lately. Not only are the ads super boring, it has reached the point where the Creators are posting random things on their blog just to keep it active, like this terrible “post” from yesterday. Like, who even made that graphic? The same person who made those infamous Wimpy Kid ads? Also, remember that worthless rat sneak peak from a week or two ago? Heck, the latest sneak peak is the SAME EXACT RAT, only it’s running this time.

So it’s no surprise that many community members, including myself, are getting somewhat disappointed with Poptropica. We just need a new island, that probably being Crisis Caverns, ASAP. While we wait, here are some simple ways you can stay sane and not lose interest in the game:

  • Replay your fav islands
  • Go in common rooms
  • Explore some fan blogs, or make your own
  • Try out the Avatar Studio Glitch
  • Make some cool costumes and have a fashion show with friends
  • Watch some Thinknoodles videos about Pop, as they are pretty entertaining
  • Write a fan fiction about Poptropica
  • Play the fan game Orb Legend! Oh wait, it’s not out yet…
  • Look at some dead blogs. ’tis pretty funny to see the quality and atmosphere of the community back then compared to now
  • Go on the PHC
  • Try to get a 5-star battle ranking by playing mini-games in a common room
  • Draw some Pop-themed doodles and art
  • Make a new account and complete all the islands again on it
  • Play all the islands on the app

And if you really need to, take a break from Poptropica, and return to see if there’s any news. Sometimes taking a break from something will make you enjoy it even more in the future.

Look, it may be annoying, frustrating, or even sad that Pop has become the way it is. But if you truly love the game and/or community, I would stay, because some new, awesome things are just around the corner ^^

See you on Sunday for my Time Tangled Island Review!

-Tall Cactus


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