Top 5 islands of Poptropica


It’s Happy Lobster here, with my first non-news/update post. Anyway, this list is of – gee, I dunno – the top 5 islands in Poptropica! But don’t judge the image above, Twisted Thicket is not one of the 5, though it has pretty awesome art. And Wimpy Wonderland will never be on that list, and if I had to compose a list of the 5 worst islands, it would probably take up all five places.

Anyway, enough of spoilers! So here are the top 5:

5. Mystery Train


Mystery Train is the only island in Poptropica apart from Time Tangled in which takes place in a definite time, 1893. Do we time travel when we visit the island? Maybe that’s something for Theory Thursdays. Anyway, the gameplay is pretty awesome: thrilling investigations, a rooftop chase, multiple puzzles, and to crown it all, an amazing chase across Chicago where Moreau is finally apprehended. What drags this down though, is the tedious questionings of all passengers when Edison’s camera is stolen. The art is sort of nice, particularly with the early-1900’s wallpaper, but nothing that great after that. But what falls kinda short is the creativity, mainly based on Agatha Christie’s Mystery on the Orient Express.

4. PoptropiCon Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon



PoptropiCon is basically some sort of comic convention, the Mighty Action Force, and was the island which introduced SUI closet-adding, handy for non-members. The gameplay here is super, especially with the epic boss battle at the end where you merge into Alphaon and destroy Omegon. And the art is terrific, too, everywhere in the episode, with the rooms and the boss battle (I didn’t pick it to be the image at the homepage on my still-unfinished blog for no reason!). But its creativity is just dreadful. As Tall Cactus mentioned in the last Theory Thursday, it is an exact copy of Marvel, particularly in episodes 2 and 3, just with different names and it being at a comic con. The creators need better ideas than this.

3. Arabian Nights: Be Careful What you Wish For


Arabian Nights is one of the islands in Pop that deal with magic, and it is the winner of the Create your Dream Island. But the person who made it only made the name and a few major parts of the whole set of episodes. The creativity isn’t too bad, but the name ‘Arabian Nights‘ is probably the least creative island name in Poptropica. Not that this is really the creators’ fault, it’s the contest winner’s. The art is very pretty, but nothing that makes you go “Wow!” aloud. But the gameplay is great, with discovering the sultan’s secret chambers, the chase for the djinn, and the final, stunning battle between you and Scheherazade.

2. Red Dragon


So we’ve finally reached MG’s favourite island! For me, Red Dragon is by far the best sponsored island (that is, ones that are based of stories by companies, e.g. Big Nate, Timmy Failure, Great Pumpkin, etc.) which is centred on one of the Magic Treehouse books, Dragon of the Red Dawn. And this is why creativity falls short. The art isn’t too bad, but again, there isn’t much excitement in it. But Red Dragon has the best gameplay of all islands, despite it being second. And it isn’t even the final Red Dragon battle, but the stealth part in the fortresses that is my favourite scene in all of Poptropica.

1. Monster Carnival


Okay, first of all, Monster Carnival is only at the top because Red Dragon had to have terrible creativity, though that isn’t to say MC doesn’t quite deserve to be at the top. Gameplay enhances the gamer’s liking and playing of the island (the most vital element to an island), art makes the whole island more inviting to play (like you would be thrilled if you had to play a sloppy island with bad shapes and terrible colours), and the creativity, along with some aspects of gameplay, makes the island more mysterious and not totally obvious what all of the island will be about (like in sponsored ones you can kinda guess what characters are going to appear, the style of an island, etc.).

Anyway, back to Monster Carnival. The creativity is excellent, though maybe except for the part where Ringmaster Raven hypnotises his slaves, and transforms them into monsters (like there aren’t enough games and fantasy novels with that in them). The art is cool, and particularly the sky, woods and Ferris Wheel at night are amazing. And the gameplay is exciting, with a puzzle-battle at the end (which almost all SUIs have), attacking monsters, more exciting puzzles along the way, carnival games (most of which were a bit uneventful, and then there’s the very scary puppet. It’s the most scariest thing in Poptropica, for me, which would naturally be on Shaky Skunk’s Unsettling Moments in Poptropica list. I mean, it’s rather freaky, when you’re in a dark, spooky house, when suddenly this creepy-looking puppet-mimer appears out of nowhere and stalks you! (or, well, appears out of one of the 101. doors.)

So that’s it. Keep in mind that this list is just my opinion, and not yours. But is there an island you think should have been on the list, successfully passing the three factors?

-Happy Lobster out. 😉


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