ECC Polls: Minigame Madness, Poll 1

Hey, Poptropicans!

Welcome to ECC’s first poll, which I like to call Minigame Madness! This will be short. There’ll be 4 posts, and one will come out every week for the next month until it reaches its end.

The first 3 posts are where the actual voting happens, and the 4th post will have the winning minigame. As you can see below, the choices are Prepare for Impact, Shrink Shot, Legendary Swords, and Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab. Choose wisely!

Sadly, I won’t be voting myself, but everyone else can, even the authors! Man, I wish I could vote for Shrink Shot…

Well, see you guys next week with the next set of minigames! Poll goes down on the 15th.



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