The New Poptropica: Dreams and Realities (Pt. 2)

The latest Minecraft update was called 1.9. The next update will be called 1.10, as there will not be a Minecraft 2.0 anytime soon. This happened with many other games too. But not Poptropica…

Poptropicans, welcome to Part 2 of my New Poptropica/Pop 2.0 discussion series. Today will be a lot less negative (hopefully) than last time, as I will be explaining what I really hope will be in this huge update,

But before we start, I have a tiny little update about the New Pop which may reveal a lot more than first thought. You know how in Part 1 I discussed a PHB post about how Pop 2.0 is being made on Unity, which is mainly used for making 3D games and is not compatible with Chrome? Well, it’s still not looking good with the whole Chrome issue, yet there is some great news. You see, the Creators finally commented which I was hoping for. Take a sec to read the comment here, cause what I am going to say will make no sense if you don’t read it.

Done yet? Yes? OK, let’s continue then…

First of all, I really hope the Creators somehow get to read this post. You see, they said they can only really see posts on Twitter, but my Twitter account was deleted. You never know though, as the Internet is a crazy place. And if you are reading this, Creators, I just want to say thank you for actually listening to us, random players in this huge world. It means a lot. It really does.

But man, I’m just so relived that the New Pop is going to stay 2D. I seriously hate 3D games…OK fine, I like some of them! Like Minecraft, obviously. Anyways, Poptropica has always been 2D, and it’s the thing that makes Poptropica so special.

So that’s the latest New Pop news. I think I’m only going to share any new news on Tuesdays in this series, but if it’s major, and I mean like release-date-confirmed news, then I’ll tell you ASAP, no matter what day of the week, and since it’s almost summer and school’s ending next week, no matter what time of day.

Now it’s time for just some of the totally crazy and random things that I want to be in Pop 2.0!

  • Skydock Island (the cancelled Home Island update that I was really hyped for *cries*)
  • A backstory for the map and your Poptropican, similar to Monkey Wrench Island
  • A way to read the MotM graphic novel series online (like in 2015)
  • Poptropica TV’s Return! (You now, that thing in September that seems to have been forgotten)
  • More games and comics on Daily Pop, updated Celebrity Clips
  • More contests and giveaways
  • App with all the islands on it
  • Less glitches
  • An island that stars bloggers from the Pop community
  • Balloon Boy Returns Island
  • Daphne Dreadnaught and all those other forgotten villains in their own Pop island

Oh, and of course we can’t forget this important idea…


Yeah, super important.

Well, seems like we have reached the end of a post once again. I would have liked to add even more ideas in this post, but remember, this is a several-month long series ending with me actually playing the New Pop and making the ultimate decision of whether to stay or leave. So I can’t just have my growing list of a few hundred ideas in one post, that’s stupid! As for next week’s New Pop post, I’ll be discussing some certain comments by Striped Lizard…

-Tall Cactus


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