Totem Curse is…cancelled.

This isn’t a prank guys. It’s true. Totem Curse is no longer continuing.


I know…I said many times that Totem Curse wouldn’t end up being cancelled like Giant Hawk Adventures. I just want to say sorry to all of you, I really let you down. The thing is, I’m not ending the series early because of being busy with other things or something like that. It’s just that I have no fun writing it anymore, I tried to push it back as much as I could. That’s why I had the hiatus. And then made Totem Curse once a week. Trust me, it wasn’t always like this. When I first started the series, I loved writing it, I had fun. I don’t know why I lost interest at such a bad time in the story. It’s not like I ended it at the 3rd chapter or something. There were 18 chapters released, more than halfway through the series. I actually wanted to end it a while ago, but I choose to continue so you could read it, enjoy my hard work, my suffering, for a little bit longer. But don’t worry, I’m not going to just end a series without telling you the ending. I actually love the story, but I just hate actually writing it. So sit back, relax, and read this short summary of what was going to be the rest of Totem Curse:

The four talk to Lavenda, who had finally gotten arrested for her crimes. She tells them her backstory of her living in Poptropolis as an oracle before it sank, but somehow getting lost in time and ending up in the future, AKA present day. They also realize that Captain Crawfish is still kinda evil even with his totem removed, so the totem had to be fake. Then they escape Erewhon, and head back to Astro-Knights Island so Mordred can redeem himself. There they find Poppy, who needs to go back there to use the rocket ship to fly to a faraway planet where E. Vile is planning an attack on Planet Poptropica. Mordred, Harvey, and Charlotte come along and they defeat E. Vile and his robot army before it’s too late. E. Vile also turned out to be Victor E. Vile, the guy who created the robots for the fake N.I.S.S. 

A few days later, Harvey and Charlotte find Violet’s Diary. Written by the 12-year old Violet Amanda Jones, it explains that she lived sometime far in the future on a planet called Earth. Everyone was moving to Mars, due to all of the pollution and stuff on Earth, and she, her twin brother Robert Mordred Jones, and parents were among the last to remain. Violet was super jealous of her brother, as he was way smarter than her and their parents liked him better. Violet also had no friends, so she was depressed and lonely. Meanwhile, her dad was trying to make a time machine so they could redo Earth’s timeline so humans never destroyed it. You see, all the other time machines made the user like a ghost in the time that they traveled too, so they don’t mess anything up in the past. But Violet’s dad wanted to be able to change the past. After successfully making the time machine, the family ends up deciding to move to Mars in a week, so Mr. Jones hides the machine and warns the twins to not touch it. Violet then has a plan to get revenge on her brother. She steals his beloved astrolabe, uses some technology, and ends up making it be able to possess the mind of someone, making them evil. She also does this with a paintbrush, some random mutated carrot, and a model ship, but she accidentally messes up on the ship. Then she goes into the time machine to try to make a younger Robert evil, and three of his friends, so she can be the better twin. But when she is about the enter it, Robert follows her in. Thus they end up messing up history, causing Poptropica to be born. Violet becomes an oracle on Poptropolis, changes her name, and uses a little stop watch to freeze time and stuff. 

Then Mordred walks into the room where the diary was found. He confesses that he is Violet’s sister, but he doesn’t know what happened to her. Then Lavenda comes out of nowhere, and reveals that she was Violet this whole time, and a portal opens up to the true timeline of Earth.

They end up in the little town of Plainville, Massachusetts, in the summer of 2007. There they meet Jeff Kinney who is mowing his lawn. They tell Jeff about Poptropica, but then Lavenda appears and an epic battle occurs. Lavenda has the totems and tries to use them to destroy both Earth and Poptropica, but since Crawfish’s totem isn’t real, she fails. 

In the end, the four ex-villains and Jeff Kinney team up to make an online educational kids’ game based on Poptropica. They made it for kids because adults wouldn’t believe that Pop is actually a real place, another timeline, another dimension. And they are called the Creators. THE END

Don’t feel sad just yet though, because I am currently planning a brand new fan fiction that’s longer and better! I’m not going to go into the details now, however. I will officially announce it (and its name) sometime this summer, probably late July-early August, and the first episode should be out sometime in mid-late August. It’s gonna be great…

-Tall Cactus


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