*rises from death* So…



(please, read more to avoid lots of screaming)

Heeeyyy guys! PW in the house!!!! As you can tell by the thrash attack and the screaming, I am very very very happy! I MIGHT EXPLODE UGH AH HRMUGGA!!! I will be really active this summer, and although my life has been *censored noises while I flip tables and shout*… I am glad to say I am alive! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH :)))))))))

ANYWAY! Since the MPB was unfortunately inactive and therefore technically closed, PWPD WILL BE HERE! I SCREAM EVERYTIME AHAHAHAHAHA.


Okay enough. Let me erase all that from my memory…

A lot of stuffs have been happening. MG has been hired on the PHB! I drew too much! Other life thingies! But now, what y’all poor peoples have been waiting for since forever:



The first thing that came to mind while playing Monkey Wrench island…


Part of an AT I did with the fabulous Brave Tomato! I STILL CAN’T GET OVER THE BACKGROUND I’M SO PROUD!!! Let me bask in my happiness for a bit more…

Okay XD better


So… I *tried*drawing cartoon style… *cringe*


A collab I did with Master Pinpey and BlazingAngel123! I am the fab one laying down 😉


My YouTube picture! Just a bit… creepy… *runs*


Astro Knights: too much fan art, too little time. This is a reference to 2 anime/manga… *cries*


It’s okay to cringe…. I am crying as I type this and laugh at myself and my pitiful existence! Yay!

(sorry it’s small hehe…) Brannabelle: Poptropica’s finest canon OTP


You guys missed me? You like what isn’t even 1/6 of what I’ve done over my absence? Requests? Comment away, potato childs~

Seeya l8r, Poptropi-g8rs! (new outro, yayyyy!)



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