Some Updates

Hey, Poptropicans!

Who’s ready for some updates?

I haven’t done a post like this in a while, huh? Well, let’s get it started, then.

The MPB and ECC merged– to explain simply, the two blogs are- well, were- closely related. Both had all of the same authors, [except Super Comet, who is now invited] a lot of the same posts, and a lot of the same segments. That’s why we moved over to ECC in its entirety, where everyone will be in one place, and it won’t be as confusing as its been.

The second update, well, there’s a new page out for The Super Squad! Now you can access the chapters with ease, instead of looking for each chapter post. And one more thing, also having to do with TSS

Future chapters won’t be coming out until July 1st. Right now, some of the ECC authors are busy with school and other fanfictions. robotic glare to Tall Cactus [ha TSS reference] Anyways…

That is why it hasn’t been posted lately, and I apologize, but it’ll come out again, on July 1st, like I said above! It’s pretty far away, but not too far away, so look forward to that!



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