Galactic Hot Dogs… Special?

Hey, Poptropicans!


Yep, that’s Galactic Hot Dogs… looks nervously to other ECC authors

hears distant complaining from Tall Cactus

Ha, anyways…

The second volume to Galactic Hot Dogs is in bookstores, so the creators are celebrating this by giving us all a raise in credits, even replayers for Galactic Hot Dogs!

I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is the first time the replayers also get the mons, but correct me if I’m wrong! But I’m not lying, really! Here’s what the creators said on their blog:

That’s right: whether it’s your first time through, or your 50th, you’ll get bonus credits for completing Galactic Hot Dogs this weekend. If you’ve never finished this Island before, you’ll get the 150 standard credits, plus 150 more! And if you have finished it before, you’ll also get the bonus. Everybody wins!

Though, like all things in life, it must come to an end. And that’s why I’m encouraging all of you to take advantage of this update before it’s gone, even if you don’t like the island! looks at Tall Cactus It ends Monday morning!



4 thoughts on “Galactic Hot Dogs… Special?

    • Yeah, I’m replaying it on my main account and playing it on my second account tomorrow.
      Will you be giving out credits for replaying in future updates like this? I do hope so!!


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