Theory Thursdays: What Are The Creators Up To?

Helllooo Poptropicans! It’s once again Thursday, so it’s time for…


Yes, I know there was no theory last week, and that was just because it was the day before April Fools, so I pretended to quit my blog and barely post on all the other ones I work on due to being too busy. It wouldn’t make sense to post a theory on the day I was “quitting.”

Anyway, I have a different kind of theory today. Unlike my other ones, which were about the universe of Poptropica, this one is about the actual game’s development. What are the Creators working on that’s making them so busy?

It all started when I got home from school and checked the PHB. There were three posts that were released during the day, one of them being a news post, but the other two completely changed my thoughts on the near future of Poptropica and gave me the idea for today’s theory.

I actually have a few theories about the info discovered in the two posts. But some of this isn’t very good news…

Theory #1- MOAR SUIS?!?

Well, it looks like Back Lot Island is getting the infamous sound update, and maybe even those zomberry mini-games are a sneak peak for a Zomberry SUI. Also, there are soundtracks for non-SUI islands, such as Twisted Thicket and Super Power, on Jeff Heim’s (the composer for Poptropica) soundcloud, so there is a good chance that the Creators are planning to make all the islands sounded updated and release them all at once. Or not. Still, it’s most likely going to happen some day, even though those Creators know how the classic format works so much better.

Theory #2- Skydock Island: Where Is It?

Maybe the mini-games are for Skydock Island, the huge Home Island update that is still being worked on..or is it?!? Skydock Island was probably originally going to come out in December, due to it’s early drafts having Christmas decorations, and there seems to be no other islands in production, so they are probably still working on it.


That’s probably what we are all thinking. Or at least the people in the community. Sure, Monkey Wrench Island came out less than 2 months ago, but that wasn’t a real island. There wasn’t even a world finishers map. It was just a tutorial for new players that only took 10 minutes to complete. Compare that to Escape From Pelican Rock…big difference. But Pelican Rock came out in December. December for crying out loud! The Creators better be busy working on an actual island, not mini-games or more SUIs. Heck, the mini-games may just be being made so we don’t go crazy when we wait for them to finally get another idea! This is starting to make me worried. They wouldn’t just run out of island ideas that quickly. Or they are just busy with other stuff. You never know.

Well, that’s all for today. I’ll see you next Thursday for another theory, that being more Unsolved Mysteries of Poptropica! Bye!

Tall Cactus

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