The Totem Curse- Chapter 10: “What Have I Done?!?”

Continued From Chapter 9

After receiving the phone call, Harvey quickly got ready and walked as fast as he could to get to the National Institute of the Silly Sciences, which wasn’t easy with his crutches.

However, before he could get there, he ran in to a very familiar face…

Harvey: “LAVENDA!?! How the heck did YOU get here?”

Lavenda: “Well…it’s a long story…but-”

A gust of wind blows through her hair. Her brown hair falls off, revealing some platinum blonde hair underneath, but Lavenda quickly puts it back on before anyone truly notices, except Harvey.

Harvey: “Are you wearing a WIG!?!”

Lavenda: “No. Why would I be?”

Harvey: “Why should I even believe you? You worked with Dr. Bill Nye and Summer Sunshine, who are in jail. You should be there, too!”

Lavenda: “Err…I…GOTTA GO!”

Lavenda quickly runs away.

Harvey: “What a weirdo.”

Just then Harvey remembered why he was even going to the N.I.A., and enters the building, showing the people there his student ID. You see, the N.I.A. and N.I.S.S. are sister schools, and a student from one can easily visit the other.

A few seconds after he got there, a young woman about Charlotte’s age ran to him. She was the one who called him.

Charlotte’s Friend: “Oh, thank goodness you’re here! There’s something wrong with Charlotte! Follow me.”

When they finally reached the art room, Harvey could not believe what he saw. Charlotte was sitting alone, looking at pictures famous art pieces and then at her own self portrait, and started to cry.


Charlotte: “I’ve- I’ve failed my parents. I never became a great artist like them, or any of those famous guys.”

Harvey: “What are you saying? I saw the art you sent the university- oh right, it was to the fake N.I.S.S. The real universities just gave us free scholarships. They didn’t bother to see how good of an artist you were.

Charlotte: “But…the N.I.A. has found out that I’m terrible at it! They’re kicking me out! I have to leave tomorrow!”

Harvey: “You’re kidding, right? I saw some of the art you did as a kid. They were amazing!”

Charlotte: “Well, I lied. None of those were mine. My pen pal from Counterfeit Island sent them to me.”

Harvey: “Why did you do this Charlotte? I thought you were the kind of person who never lies, and look at you! You deserve to be kicked out.”

Charlotte: “Now you’re just like everyone else. I thought we were best friends. Now we are just cousins. Why does no one understand what I’ve been through! You just sit and complain about your parents, when mine are gone! You’re such a jerk!”

Harvey: “Now you’re like Robert! This is exactly what he did to me! I’m so happy that he’s gone. But that dream last night-”

Charlotte: “No, Robert didn’t do anything wrong, you did!”

Harvey: “SHUT UP!”

Charlotte: “WHY DOESN’T THE WORLD JUST SHUT UP!?! Everyone hates my art, including YOU!!!”

Charlotte takes out her mother’s paintbrush and ruins her self portrait.

Drawing (1)

Charlotte starts to cry again.

Charlotte: “What…have I done?!?

Harvey gives her a sad look, but turns around and starts to walk out of the room. However, just then the paintbrush starts glowing and floats in the air. Harvey stops, shocked.

Charlotte: “What is going on-”

The paintbrush flies into Charlotte’s forehead. She falls unconsciousness.

Harvey: “NOOOOO!!!!! That…was one of the…totems…”

Harvey starts to cry like a baby.

Harvey: “Why was I so mean to her? Why…is everything my fault? First Robert, and now Charlotte? I’m…alone.”

Charlotte wakes up.

Charlotte: “HAHA. Who needs this stupid place?!? I’ll just have a better job. I’ll go steal art for a living. Bye!”

Harvey: “What have I done?!?”


Tall Cactus

P.S.- I did in fact make those pics myself 🙂


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