Chapter 3, Part 1 of Fearless Hero’s Spy Agency

Heyy guys!

Well, here it is. Chapter 3 begins! Hope you enjoy, and if you would please give me input on FHSA so far, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Chapter 3, Part 1

Out of fear, all FH could utter was, “W-Why are all the villains here? O-Or I mean…”

“Silence,” Dr. Hare says, clearly annoyed.

“B-B-B-But… I… My bad! Wrong room!”

Dr. Hare sighs, and a second later Ratman remarks, “I would be quiet if I were ya, Fearless Hero. Dr. Hare is merciless.”

FH gulps, and takes out her Grappling Bowtie, keeping it behind her back. She tried keeping calm and still focused in thought, when suddenly Copy Cat and her clones ran after her with Dr. Hare’s sudden order.

When she realized what was happening, the Grappling Bowtie was instantly used, and when in the air, the trusty mallet was taken out. She had managed to break the window but out of nowhere, Betty Jetty grabbed her and both fell in a crate of carrots. By this time, Copy Cat, her clones and the rest managed to catch up. Purple Grape and Crusher simultaneously took FH to a nearby cage Speeding Spike had stolen from Zomberry Island. Purple Grape smirks at Fearless Hero, looking like all she wanted to do was laugh. FH manages to say, embarrassed, “You won’t get away with this.”

PG remarks, “I think we just did.” FH instantly feels annoyed, but stays silent… for a few moments. “What is the meaning of this, Dr. Hare? What do you gain from this?” He then replies, “You will find out later on.” FH simply sighs, and nods.

– The Mighty Game-ini



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