Chapter 2, Part 1 of Fearless Hero’s Spy Agency

Hey, guys!

Have you missed reading Fearless Hero’s Spy Agency? Probably not, but I haven’t gotten very far in the story, but now, the storyline thickens! Even if it is just by a tiny little bit. In the next chapter or two, you can expect more. 😉 But for now, here is…

Chapter 2, Part 1

As FH rid the blimp, she contemplated on why Dr. Hare would kidnap a citizen. She started to think, “It must benefit him in some way. I hate to admit it, but that fuzzball is a genius. But he hasn’t acted in months. So why now?” She then noticed she was getting close.

She took her bag full of necessities- water, some snacks, a couple outfits, phone and charger, toothbrush, toothpaste, and so on. It’s a big bag, alright? As the blimp landed, she stepped off and saw the mayor. Just like the last time she had seen the mayor, he was crying. FH didn’t like the guy. He was too soft to be in charge of a town.

She decided to ask what was wrong later, and ran to the factory, unsure of where to go now. She noticed the windows were cracked, and therefore decided to break the remaining glass with the rubber mallet she had also brought with her. Who knew a silly rubber mallet from Steamworks Island would be of use so early on? She climbed through the now-broken window, and saw an open door, along with turned-on lights. She saw the shadows of multiple people, and was confused. Suddenly, she hears footsteps and out of panic, hides behind a crate.

What do you think of Chapter 2, Part 1? Do you like it? Want more? Let me know in the comments below.

See you!


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