Monkey… Wrench Island? & A Discord Server

Hey, guys!

I actually have two things I would like to announce today. Last night, I noticed SF (Small Fire) had simply and clearly announced the most anticipated island’s name in a comment on the PHB. After asking how he knew, he spilled the beans. Apparently, the name has been revealed in the island medallions!

But what the name is? It’s in the title, but I will tell you, anyways. It is called…

Monkey Wrench Island!

What an odd name, right? It actually confused me.

Anyways, onto more news.

Mad APPer and I have opened a Discord server, so you should go check that out. It is for The MEGA Poptropica! Blog, and is called Mega Pop Chat. Also, remember to read the rules and such in #welcome. 🙂

– The Mighty Game-ini

The Mighty Game-ini Island

Thanks for the edit, Mad APPer. 😛


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