ECC Interviews: Ultimate iPad Expert

Hey, Poptropicans!

I was thinking about how I could improve the blog, and can you guess what entered my mind? 😀 Well, I’ve seen quite a bit of interviewing! From being me being asked to be interviewed (You can check out my interview from Mad APPer here and Popular Wolf here.) to seeing other’s interviews!

Therefore, welcome to Ultimate iPad Expert’s interview! Hope you enjoy!


Thank you for the picture, UiPE!

Q: What inspired you to choose the pen name “Ultimate iPad Expert”?

A: Well, firstly, I want to say I’ve never heard anyone call that my pen name, although I guess it is. 😛 But, I actually made a post on the PHB about the story behind that name, but I’ll add the info from that below 😛

The story begins on a site called Wikia, you may have heard of it considering it’s where the Poptropica Wiki was. I had an account there, which I called “DaranNorrisFan6.” This was basically a rip-off of the username of my brother (who is also on Wikia), which is DeeBradleyBakerFan. (Dee Bradley Baker is a voice actor, as well as Daran Norris). Anyways, I decided it was time for a name change. At that point, I was in a big Apple fanboy mood and so I felt like doing something iPad related. I was originally planning to do simply “iPad Expert,” but the problem was that Wikia didn’t allow the first letter of a username to be lowercase. So subsequently, I decided to throw in another word at the front, which I eventually decided would be “Ultimate,” “Ultimate iPad Expert” soon became my Wikia name and spread to other sites like Twitter, WordPress, etc. And that is the story of my username!

Q: What do you like most about Poptropica? It can be anything from the selection of clothing options, to battling, to even just the Poptropica community itself.

A: Oh, boy. It’s really hard to decided, honestly. 😛 But, I really think it is the community. Not to knock the game whatsoever, but I just absolutely love the community. There was a short period where I wasn’t really doing much in the community. I would occasionally check some fan sites, and pretty much only play Poptropica when a new island was out. I realize now that this was because a big majority of my friends from the Poptropica Wiki had kinda moved on. My smaller community there didn’t have much. Once I really joined the PHB, I was hooked again. I absolutely adore the support I get, everyone is so kind and amazing. Even when I do something that I think isn’t good or jsut plain horrible, everyone seems to love it anyways. I just can’t knock the amazing Poptropicans in this amazing community.

Q: Do you play any other games besides Poptropica, and if you do, what are they?

A: Ya know, I’m not really a gamer. I love stories, but I’m just not good at the controls. Even sometimes keyboard controls. 😛 As a kid (although frankly I still kinda am a kid), I never had game consoles at our house. No Wii, no Xbox, no PS, nothing, no game consoles at all. I’d spend a lot of my time on the computer. Much of the time, making PowerPoints (which sounds really weird) and the rest playing the occasional flash game on the internet. The rest of the time was in playing the computer game, Zoo Tycoon. There was a time later on, as well, that I played some other online worlds like Club Penguin or Animal Jam, but I’m on them at all anymore. Long story short, I don’t really play any games besides Poptropica, espeically currently. 😛

Q: What are some things you would change about Poptropica, from glitches/bugs, to customization options, or even small details like island design?

A: This is really quite a tough question for me. (It’d be perfect for Andrew, in case you ever have him on this series btw *wink*) I guess it would be just fixing some more glitches. It can definitely be a problem for players and would definitely be really helpful to all Poptropicans. Although, if I was to have a selfish wish, it be great if the Creators could release islands faster. 😛

Q: What is your favorite island, and why?

A: My favorite island is Mocktropica. The main reason, is all the meta-ness. I absolutely love when some form of media breaks the fourth wall. Another thing that stems into the meta-ness, is it’s humor. I’d argue it’s one of Poptropica’s funniest islands (maybe even the funniest). And the meta-ness really is most of that humor. You can tell that the Creators put a lot of thought and effort into the island, there’s so many cool little details. And, of course, Jeff Heim’s score is awesome, as always. There’s really just nothing to knock from it or the island as a whole.

Q: Final question! Any last words?

A: Probably, “The icicle is the perfect murder weapon, but please don’t!” Oh- I’m getting word from my “people” that, that wasn’t the intention of the question.

Well, I guess shameless self-promotion is a good last statement. 😀 If you like memes and Poptropicans, or you don’t (I’m not judging) you should check out my series on the PHB, Poptropican Meme Face Mondays. We at PMFM pride ourselves in providing quality meme faces every Monday. Tune in on the PHB every Monday! 😀

What did you think? Did you like today’s interview? Do you want future interviews? Why am I asking so many questions? I don’t know? Bye?

Okay, seriously, bye. Thank you for your time UiPE. See you soon everyone!

– The Mighty Game-ini



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