Theory: Balloon Boy

If you’ve played Counterfeit Island, you know how you had to give a balloon to a sad little boy, and he flies away. After that, he is seen as a joke in many other islands, like Reality TV, Ghost Story, Mocktropica, etc. And there was even a YouTube video made by the Creators of him being animated a year or two ago. As far as we know, he’s still floating somewhere. But, how the heck is he surviving?!? I have a few theories on the matter.

  1. Balloon Boy is a FAKE- It has been confirmed that Balloon Boy was inspired by the 2009 Balloon Boy Hoax. A kid was thought to be stuck in a gas balloon, but the boy was actually in his attic the whole time. So, maybe this “Balloon Boy” is actually some doll or even a ROBOT trying fool the entire world. This would explain why he’s always in the EXACT same position all of the time.
  2. Balloon Boy is a GHOST- This theory is kind of sad. So, the whole thing on Counterfeit was true. But, after reaching a certain height, Balloon Boy couldn’t breathe or got dehydrated, and died. Now, he haunts Poptropica by having his ghost float on that same balloon and will stay that way until someone saves him.
  3. Balloon Boy is Somehow Still Alive- If this is true, then Balloon Boy is the luckiest person ever. It would be impossible for him to survive, but he somehow defeated the odds.

Even though 1 and 2 are the most realistic, 3 is probably true just to keep the joke going. One day, Balloon Boy will return. You better save him, Creators.

-Tall Cactus





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