Chapter 1, Part 2 of Fearless Hero’s Spy Agency

Hey, guys!

How are you? Surprised to see me so soon? Well, today, I’ve been working a lot on Fearless Hero’s Spy Agency (The title will make more sense later on if you were confused!) and I’ve completed chapter 1! The chapters will be short, but compact of scenarios and hopefully, good storyline. 🙂 If you haven’t read chapter 1, part 1 already, click here.


Chapter 1, Part 2

She scanned over the message one more time, and noticed it was sent last night at 12:32am. “But why would someone take a walk in the middle of the night?” she asked herself. “That’s just asking for trouble. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. I have to save her.” She then typed the following:

“Hello, Purple Grape.

This is Fearless Hero. If you are indeed in his base, fret not. I know exactly where it is, and I will come to save you ASAP. And don’t do ANYTHING. Don’t try to escape, and especially do NOT talk to him. I will be there soon, so remember, stay calm no matter what.”


FH quickly stood up and left her home in Ghost Story Island immediately. She ran past the fountain and bank, but was stopped right before reaching the blimp. The Poptropican who showed up before her was a middle-aged guy with shaggy hair and was holding a saltshaker. A weirdo, really. When he offered his saltshaker to rid of evil spirits, FH got annoyed, simply said “no”, and continued onward. And after that, what would happen next would be a mystery… for only so long.

end of chapter 1, to be continued

– The Mighty Game-ini


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