Chapter 1, Part 1 of Fearless Hero’s Spy Agency

Salutations, Poptropicans!

Do you remember when I introduced the prologue of my story? Maybe so, maybe not! Well, in that case, the link is here in case you’re not too sure!

But anyways, I wanna say I will post a chapter every 2 weeks, maybe…? But I’m not sure yet, as I procrastinate EVERYTHING. I know, I know!

Don’t hurt me! But no worries, I will be sure to have written a chapter every month! 😉 Well, here’s chapter 1, part 1!

Grab a bowl of popcorn, and settle down!

Chapter 1, Part 1

Well, there she was. On her black and white polka dot laptop, checking her email for anything important. Because she hadn’t checked it in a couple weeks, she had a lot of spam mail, which she found extremely annoying. As she kept scrolling down, ignoring the spam, she was surprised to see an email from a fellow Poptropican! “Who could it be?” Fearless Hero pondered. “I haven’t talked to someone online in months!”

FH quickly got over it as she clicked the message. When opening the message, she instantly noticed the danger the Poptropican was in just by reading the word “HELP” at the top. Before replying, she reread the following:

“HELP! I’m stuck in Dr. Hare’s lair with no one to help me. I was alone at night when he found me and was brought to his base, not knowing where the heck I was. All I can guess is I’m probably on 24 Carrot Island, but I’m not even entirely sure about that. But luckily, I brought my cell phone on the walk so I was able to write you. Please help!”

to be continued

– The Mighty Game-ini

Poseidon & I


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