Theory/Story: Backstory Part 2

Tall Cactus' Poptropica Blog

Before reading this post, make sure to read Part 1, or else this will make no sense.

OK, let’s return to our Poptropican…

Octavian sure was acting weird, but you still use his map anyway. The first island you land on is Early Poptropica, and then Shark Tooth. Nothing too interesting happened. Then came Time Tangled Island, the island that changed everything. After getting that island’s medallion, you thought you fixed the past and saved the future, but you were wrong. Only, you didn’t find out until it was way too late. So, you continued saving islands. At the same time, you tried to find a portal back to Earth. Like, when you went to Big Nate Island, and every other sponsored island, except Mystery of the Map Island, you actually flew your blimp into another thunderstorm, just to be transported to the wrong dimension. After you got the medallion…

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