Triple the Update

Hey hey!

This will be a quick post, just to tell you an update of three things. First of all, did you notice? I changed my blog’s theme, and I’ve added yet another page here.

It is an “About” page (Which is late, I know.) containing information on the authors (Me, Mighty Gamer, The Mad Apper, Tall Cactus, and Popular Wolf.) and what their place in posting is.

Aaand, one more thing. (I know, guys! Just bare with me!)

Since PW joined ECC, I’ve made a DeviantArt. (She’s a really good artist, so go check out some of her work here and here.) Anyways, that’s it!

Thanks for reading!

– The Mighty Game-ini out!

Poseidon & I

P.S., Welcome to the blog TC (Tall Cactus), PW (Popular Wolf), and a late welcome to The Mad Apper! To a better blogging experience!


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