The Unknown Island

Hey, guys!

Mighty Gamer here, with exciting news (Probably disappointing to some.)! The Poptropica creators have announced a new island will be coming out soon!

Sadly, this island’s name hasn’t been revealed, but some cool information has. First of all, this island will be shorter than the rest– but most likely longer than Home/Hub Island (In my opinion.).

The point of this? Well, this island will be targeted towards the new players. As written by the creators, it will have simple objectives and should be fun for even the experts of Poptropica, which I look forward to!

Other than that, this island has no name, so I will be calling it The Unknown Island. 😉 More news to come! Also, here’s what it looks like:


– The Mighty Game-ini 😉

Poseidon & I



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