Theory: Lunar Confusions

Once, many years ago, the Creators released one of the hardest Poptropica islands of all time- Astro-Knights Island. The island where you travel into outer space to defeat the evil Binary Bard. At one point you go to Poptropica’s moon, known as Pewter Moon, which is home to aliens. Back then, however, it wasn’t much of a big deal. Fast forward to 2012. Lunar Colony Island is released. In this island, you travel to Poptropica’s moon, known as “the moon,” where it is revealed that aliens once lived there. Now it’s a HUGE deal. Since Astro-Knights happens in medieval times and Lunar Colony takes place in present day, it can be thought that the Moon is a future version of Pewter Moon.

However, there are some major plot holes in this. In Astro-Knights, you can travel to Pewter Moon in SECONDS. In Lunar Colony it specific says that it takes you “many hours.” But then again, the spaceship in Astro-Knights was basically made by aliens and their futuristic technology. Also, you can see the moon in Astro-Knights rotating very fast around Planet Poptropica. Maybe TOO fast. It completes a full revolution in just under a minute or so. And in Lunar Colony, no one even knew that aliens existed. So, are the moons in Astro-Knights and Lunar Colony the same moon, just in different time periods, or two completely different moons, that just happen to be close to Poptropica? Time to find out…

Theory #1- They are the same moon. Astro-Knights happens about a thousand years before Lunar Colony, so maybe the moon slowed over time and moved further away for Planet Poptropica. This hurt the aliens, so they went to another planet, leaving only some ancient artifacts behind.

Theory #2- They are two completely different moons. Pewter Moon is much closer, and the moon in Lunar Colony is further away. Period.

Well, I don’t know which one is true. The thing that probably happened is that the Creators probably didn’t realize the plot holes they made. What do you think? Discuss in the comments!

-Tall Cactus


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