Prologue of Fearless Hero’s Spy Agency

Hey guys! What’s up?

If you didn’t know this about me, I love writing. Therefore, I am now making a story! So, today, I will be introducing the prologue of… Fearless Hero’s Spy Agency! If you do or do not like this, please let me know. I’d like some input. Sorry for the short post.

Also, I’ve made a page containing the prologue and I will add future chapters there. You can check it out here.


This is Fearless Hero. She is an avid player of Poptropica, having completed all the islands. Even though this is true, she was not well known among everyone for her wondrous adventures. Sure, she did appear in a few newspaper’s, but it wasn’t like people came up to her and thanked her for saving them so many times before. Well, until one fateful day. What people didn’t know, though, was that they would come to respect her and her deeds.

– The Mighty Game-ini 🙂

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