Escape from Pelican Rock

Hey everybody!

This is Mighty Gamer, and I have some great news for you all! If you non-members have been excited for EFPR (Escape from Pelican Rock), now’s the time to play! Whenever I play, I will even start working on a REVIEW! Although, I am not sure when I will be able to post it. It could take anywhere from today to a couple weeks, and it all depends on its difficulty and length. Anyways, since today is the release, go play!

You can use the tutorial below, and once you’ve finished the island, check your ranking here. I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

– MG

4 thoughts on “Escape from Pelican Rock

  1. BAKA!!! You don’t need a Crawfish walkthrough! *slaps walkthrough out of MG’s hands* I’m making one, complete with voice so you don’t need to stop your game! I’m posting it on PNC, PAw, CKPB, aaaand MPB, so you can use it too! Just one part of my (late ^^’ ) Christmas prezzy to ya 😉

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