Merry Christmas!

Hey guys!

Not only is today Friday, but today is also Christmas! Right now is the time to be thankful for those in your life. Your parents. Your teacher/teachers. Even me! (I’m kidding.)

And remember, be grateful for the good and bad, and embrace it. You know, like the fruitcake. 😛 Anyways, onto the details… What did you guys get for Christmas? Comment below! Me, my main gifts were a laptop, an iPad, and a camera.

Besides that, I got a USB drive, a memory card, a Hobby Lobby gift card (I love that place!) and some other various things. But really, tell me what you got. I’m curious! Merry Christmas! Oh, also!!! Did you know?

EFPR (Escape from Pelican Rock) is coming out on the 30th. So watch out for that! I will also be putting up a REVIEW for it aswell! Be excited!

– MG


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