The Mad Apper’s Interview & Happy Thanksgiving


Recently, The Mad Apper, interviewed me. So, I just wanted to give a big thank you to him. Also, if you’re curious in this interview, I will write his questions and my answers. Not vice versa. I will also give him his due credit, and give you the link to his original post in the comments. Again, thank you The Mad Apper! It has made me feel honored to be starred on your blog. 🙂

Be honest. What’s the first thing you thought when I asked to interview you?

I don’t remember thinking anything specifically, but I did feel very honored, since I have been never asked to be interviewed. Again, thank you The Mad Apper!

Name your favorite and least favorite Poptropica island.

Well, to begin with, my favorite island is Astro-Knights Island. I like this island because of its history with Mordred, its time-frame, the travel through the different planets, and the overall game-play! I highly recommend playing this island! And for my least favorite island, I chose Super Power Island. My reason for this? Well, I just feel as if it is just WAY too repetitive. You know, taking on the villains repeatedly and barely any strategizing. I don’t know. I just don’t like it.

If you were asked to work at Poptropica, what would be the first thing you’d do after receiving the offer?

Honestly, if I found out something like that, I’d be so excited I’d be calm. Yes, I know. It doesn’t make sense. But, yes, I’d do that. But, after that, I would tell everyone I know. Even people who don’t play Poptropica.

What Poptropica blogs, other than this one, do you read?

Poptropica Help Blog :: cheats, secrets, and more, Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog!!!, The Poptropica App Blog (this blog), Poptropica News Center, and Slippery Raptor’s Blog. If any of you want a link to any of these blogs, please comment. I will personally give you the link.

What is the name of your Poptropica blog? Describe it a bit.

My blog is Explore Collect Compete. Along with the title, its slogan is Work hard and rise above them all. I post about upcoming/released items, and anything about upcoming/released islands. When Escape from Pelican Rock comes out, I will even start my own ratings of that island and islands that come out in the future. Here is the link:

Also, happy Thanksgiving! Remember to not only stuff your faces (Which you can do, too.), but to give thanks for those in your life. Friends, family, your teacher/teachers, and anyone that has made you learn the good or the bad! And, of course, remember to stuff your faces! (Oh, oops. Did I mention that already?)

Happy holidays!

– MG


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