The End of ECC

I know you were all looking forward to the new authors, but…

Explore, Collect, Compete is closing down. Permanently.

Look, I’m sorry, I really am. We (the authors) just didn’t know what else to do. Ever since MG left, the blog has been going downhill. Less views. No new comments, aside from the new authors post. A slow, silent death.

But the main issue was that almost all the posts from the past month or so were also posted on other, more popular blogs. There isn’t anything original anymore, the blog has lost its charm. What’s the point of doing it any longer? I’m sorry but I just can’t! We can’t!

Thank you to everyone who has read ECC, it means a lot. It really does. ECC wouldn’t have become as amazing as it is without you guys.

ECC will not be deleted, just inactive from now on. As for the Discord server, that will be deleted, since it’s even more inactive then the blog. But I may wait a couple days, I’ll announce more details over on there.

I’m sorry, I truly am, but it’s for the best. Who knows, maybe we’ll revive it one day! You never know…

-Tall Cactus and the ECC Staff

PS: I had such a hard time coming up with the words to write this post. We were originally going to have all the authors work together to make it, but that unfortunately didn’t work out. So sorry if it was corny, I tried my best. And I’m sorry for saying sorry so many times.

Well, I’m a Failure

Heeeyyy guys! PW here. I’ve been a total failure. So, first off, I’m sorry.

What apology number is this?! I lost count. I’ve been getting back into the swing of school (taking two high school classes… and I’m not in high school 😛 ). On top of that, I’m now the editor-in-chief of my school yearbook, working on an animation, and writing too many things. Soooo, yeah. I’m BACK THOUGH! Finished entry tests and stuff. Yipperee-dang-doo.

So, ECC is dead. We all knew that. Anyway, the authors aren’t. Duh. So, EVERYTHING I’ve been posting about my animation here? LIES! IT’S ALL BEEN CHANGED! I’M LEARNING CARTOGRAPHY FOR THE STORY LINE, FOR ZEUS’S SAKE! And my drawing answers (here’s looking at you, Lucky Wing and DJ Vampi)? Yup, moving over to the dead PNC, my blog.

So, what’re you waiting for? C’mon over to the MYSTERY SHA– er, POPTROPICA NEWS CENTER! And yes, I’m reviving my YouTube. YEE!




Theory Thursdays: Captain BOO-fish

No, this isn’t about how lame and boring of a villain Captain Crawfish is, it’s my theory on why I think he’s…dead. And is a ghost. Yeah…


So we begin with the utterly long and difficult Skullduggery Island. Captain Crawfish is mentioned many times throughout, and your quest is to stop him. After hours and hours of trading, or days and days in game time, you finally find his ship and crew, defeating them. Later whole your digging up the treasure, they return to the island you’re on, but unlike in all that promotional art and even current pics of him, his hair isn’t gray, it’s BROWN?


Whether or not this is just an animation error or actually meant to be, it won’t affect my theory too much, because after Crawfish and his crew get stuck on that island, the theory could go a few different directions. They all end up with him being a ghost, though.

1. He was already dead.

Maybe Crawfish has been dead this whole time, a ghost haunting the seven seas in the afterlife.

2. He died on the island.

This could explain the hair color change, maybe he was trapped on that island for so long that he grew old and eventually reached his demise. Or, if the hair was an accident, didn’t stay there too long but ended up dying anyway.

1. + 2. Explaining Super Villain Island

I guess ghosts have totems and dreams now, no proof against that. Being a ghost would perfectly explain his nightmare with all those ghost versions of him in it.


3. Death AFTER SVI

On the “Can you swim?” Pop Quiz is shows Crawfish in the “No” answer picture.

That being said, he may not be able to swim, so he could have drowned after the villains got blasted into the ocean towards the end of SVI.

“But he doesn’t look like a ghost!”

In Ghost Story Island, Fiona doesn’t look like a ghost at first, but she actually is one, meaning that could be the same for Crawfish.

Oh, one more thing…

Captain Crawfish is still a lame villain even if he is a ghost. He just is.

-Tall Cactus

Regarding Episode 5

There are a few things I want to point out about the latest installment of my series, Pop TV.


1. President Paul Tropica is NOT based on UiPE!

I came up with this character more than a year ago, back before I knew that UiPE’s Pop username is something with paultropica in it and that his first name in real life is also Paul. I’m sorry for the confusion, UiPE, when the President becomes a total coward later on, just remember that his name is a pun, not you.

2. Dr. Hare is NOT the main villain of the series!

He’s only the main villain for the first half of season 1. But he will return towards the end of season 2 to be a major character again in season 3, only with a way cooler personality. Oh, and there is that one episode in the second part of season 1 about him, too. That’s all I’m gonna say for now, too many spoilers.

3. I forgot to explain some things in the actual episode…

I was rushing to finish this episode right before I left for vacation (I’m home now btw) so I forgot to add a few important plot points to it. Don’t worry, I’ll be able to fit them in during the next few episodes.

4. The upcoming graphic novel similarities :/

I actually came up with that idea of a secret group that protects Poptropica a while ago, and then right when I’m about to finish the episode, a post comes out on the PHB about the second and third Pop graphic novels. And guess what, the third one is called The Secret Society, and will be about a secret group that protects Poptropica…and Earth I guess. So I’m not sure whether these two groups will end up being the same society or different ones. I’m just gonna wait till the graphic novel releases in April, which is when season 3 will be coming out, I’ll fit it in somewhere in there, along with New Pop stuff.

That’s all for this post, and get hyped, Episode 6 releases this Wednesday and Episode 7 is on Saturday! Me I may just do another post where I reveal what the main characters look like, that may not be for a couple weeks though. I wanna wait till Episode 13 comes out, cause spoilers.

-Tall Cactus

Pop TV: Episode 5


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 5

Island in the Sky

Jack: Wait, lemme get this straight. You’re explorers, NOT pilots? Why did you lie to me all these years that you own an airplane! And people explore for a living? What the heck…

Amelia: Pilots? Well, we kinda are, but that isn’t our day job. We were once explorers, we just quit once I gave birth to you. At one point Octavian did work at an airport however…

Jack: That explains that song you would sing to me when I was little!

Piper: Song? I LOVE SONGS!!!

Jack: Wasn’t it like…”I’m at the airport with my family. Brother, sister, mom and dad. I’m glad, glad, glad! This is my mom. She’s a pilot. My dad is a pilot too. This is my sister. She is happy. But my brother is sad.”

Piper: That song sucks. Why is the brother sad? That makes me sad, how could the family still be happy when the brother wasn’t? He must have depression! But his family won’t help him…*starts crying*

Jack: Piper…

Octavian: I do not recall that…interesting…song, but I’m glad, glad, glad you passed the test!

Jack: But why did you test me, now was that even a test!

Octavian: We have some explaining to do, follow me…


Octavian: You too, Piper…


*The four of them walk out of the room, with Amelia dragging Piper out since she’s crying too hard.*

*Outside, a bunch of buildings are seen, on islands floating in the mists of the clouds.*

Jack: Wha-what place is thi-i-is…

Piper: Why-y can’t I-I stop crying…

Octavian: Welcome to Sky Island, also known as the Hub. It’s the explorer’s paradise, where an elite group of Poptropicans meet to discuss Poptropica’s secrets. Your mother and I were once the leaders of this group, and, since we are much too old, and you passed the test, it’s your turn, Jack.


Jack: What? Me? An explorer? Oh no no no, you got me wrong…

*He gets confused by all the stares surrounding him.*

Jack: I’m sorry I just wanna make PopTube videos…

Piper: Then why did I see all those journal entries on how you want to TRAVEL ACROSS POPTROPICA?!

*Piper pulls out a piece of picture that shows some terrible doodles of Jack on various islands, smiling and holding a camera.*


*Jack blinks a few times, grabbing the paper out of Piper’s hand and ripping into shreds.*

Jack: Fine, I admit it, I kinda wanna be an explorer. That’s what my PopTube channel was actually going to be about. I was just too scared t say it cause I thought you guys were so strict and stuff…

Amelia: Don’t worry, I’m a cool mom. Peace bro.

Jack: You are trying way too hard.

Octavian: Anyways, Piper, Jack, I’d like to share so, things with you, so follow me.

Piper: Yay!

Octavian: Exhibit A, the blimp. Or as I like to call it/her, Aurora. I got her back in-

Piper: Aurora? Wasn’t that the name of some sleeping princess or something?

Jack: Doesn’t it mean “dawn” in Latin? If it is, then that is a truly great name for a blimp.

Octavian: Actually, I named Aurora after one of my close relatives.


Octavian: Um, actually, that’s all I have to say about Aurora, so um, let’s move on, shall we?

*A few minutes later, the three of them are at what seems to be a little house.*

Octavian: Exhibit B, my team.

*They walk into the house where they see a bug table, with three men and a woman discussing something. Maps and computer screens line the walls, and there is a fireplace burning behind the group.*

Man: Oh, there you are Octavian, you were almost late! Thank goodness you’ve made it, we got some urgent news to discuss. And who are those children with you?

Octavian: That’s my son, Jack, and the girl, Piper, is just staying with us for a while, until she can get back to her true home.

Woman: How kind of you.

Jack: Dad, who are these people?!

Octavian: Maybe they can introduce themselves. Most of them aren’t here, but oh well…

Bob: Hey y’all, I’m Bob Billy. I like being a cowboy! But exploring is better, ye-haw!

Billy: Hey y’all. I’m Billy Bob, I used to work on the same farm as Bob Billy, before we discovered our real passion.

Melissa: Hello. I am Melissa. Nice to meet you.

Piper: Gosh, she’s boring…

Octavian: And lastly…

President: You should know who I am, it’s me, Paul Tropica, President of Poptropica! I’m just here this one time because… our radars and cameras have shown a crazy man in a pink bunny suit, Dr. Hare, causing mayhem across a few of the islands, mainly Early Poptropica. We were able to hack onto his computers to find out that he’s heading for Shark Tooth next, but we couldn’t find where his main lab is. However, we did learn that this so called “super villain” is planning to take over Poptropica somehow. He has at least a dozen henchmen, so this is gonna be a tough one, folks.

Jack: Did you say, Dr. Hare…

President Paul Tropica: Yes. Yes I did.

Jack: We saw him before, twice actually!

Bob: Whaaaaaat…

Piper: He broke into our school with all his scary henchmen, and then one of them out this mind control helmet on this other girl and bam, she’s evil! And then they all run away! And then he steals all these items from these pilgrims!

Billy: Wow.

Bob: Intense.

Melissa: Thank goodness you’re OK. It’s a miracle.

Piper: Weird part is, he only seemed to care about my medallion.

*She pulls the medallion off her neck and holds it up so the group can see.*

President Paul Tropica: Is that, the legendary medallion we have all been searching for our entire lives?!

Piper: I don’t know what you’re talking about. How can it be legendary if it has a big crack in it and a shard is missing?

President: That’s exactly what they said the legendary medallion looks like!

Jack: Let’s just get out of here…

*Jack and Piper run out of the building, back to where Amelia is standing.*

Octavian: Um, guys?

*Bob, Billy, Melissa, and Paul all get this furious look on their face and they stare at Octavian, slowly walking towards him.*

Octavian: I’m out!

*Octavian runs away.*

A few minutes later…

Octavian: And finally, Exhibit C. Your mission.

Jack: What do you mean by mission?

Amelia: To become an explorer and save Poptropica from Dr. Hare, of course!

Jack: But I’m just a kid!

Amelia: We already got our chance to shine, now it’s time for you to, too.

Jack: OK then,

Octavian: You’ll still have to go to school every weekday, with summer break being the exception, obviously, and to get all As. You see, we weren’t expecting you to start exploring so young. But we have no choice, Poptropica is at risk.

Amelia: Also, to make sure you don’t get into too much trouble, we will be inserting a tracking device to…

Jack: My skull? Oh no…

Amelia: …the blimp.

Jack: Phew.

Octavian: Now, Jack, you also gotta try to be a nicer person if you want to be these Poptropican hero. Remember that.

Amelia: But don’t be too nice! Some people are just plain old mean and can lie to you.

Jack: OK, OK, I’ll be fine, I wasn’t going to go anywhere for a few days anyway…

Piper: What…what about me?! I want to help! I was the one who saved Early Poptropica, after all.

Jack: No, don’t…

Octavian: Piper, you can go. It’s always safer, and more fun, than going solo. But you need to try to be more serious, this is a very dangerous job. Yet it is one that may lead to you getting home. Please, just don’t be too nice. Promise me that you’ll at least try, OK?

Piper: Yes, sir!

Amelia: Octavian, I’m starting to have some doubts about this. Maybe we should just have someone else stop Dr. Hare, they are only 14…

Octavian: Look, if there’s someone who has the best chance of becoming heroes, it’s them.

Amelia: Why don’t we just call a babysitter and do it ourselves…

Octavian. No. Jack has the legacy, Piper has the medallion. We haven’t explored in years, Mel, we aren’t capable anymore!

Amelia: It’s Amelia.

Octavian: Oh, that doesn’t matter, Poptropica is at risk!

Jack: You know what, why don’t we just go home and think about this later. It is Sunday, y’know, which means school is tomorrow…

Amelia: Actually, it’s Monday. We kinda stayed up all night. School does start in half an hour, we should go now. I just realized how tired I really am…

Piper: WE CAN’T BE LATE! Come on, get into the blimp, we need to hurry! Zzz…*falls asleep*

Octavian: Maybe you two should just skip school and get some rest…*yawns*

Amelia: *yawns* I guess yawning is contagious… *yawns again*

Jack: Guess I’ll just lead the blimp home, gotta practice for when I’m an explorer.

Octavian: Go ahead, you got Aurora this far, you can take her back to Early Pop.

Jack: Wait, how do you control it even, I got here by accident!

Octavian: Nah, it was no accident. Just click this button right here, and a map should show up. Click on the island you would like to travel to, and she automatically takes you there! The map’s default is the Hub, so it’s no surprise that you round up here.

*Jack takes a closer look at the map, mainly focusing on Bay City, but then he notices something…missing.*

Jack: Um, dude, there’s a corner of the map missing. Actually, there are TWO corners missing!

Octavian: You would think that the printer messed up, I actually copied this from an original map I found, but that one corner has always been missing and as for the bigger one, I have no clue.

Jack: Oh, I see.

Amelia: Let’s just get home now… *yawn*

Octavian: You do the honors, Jack.

*Jack pushes the picture of Early Poptropica on the map, and the blimp soars through the morning sky. Piper seems to be asleep, but a tear is seen rolling down her eye.*

Piper (whispering to herself): Why does he always get the attention, it’s not fair…


(During the end credits, a radar is seen with a robo-bunny head (representing Dr. Hare) moving closer and closer towards Shark Tooth Island.)

Theory Thursdays: New Thoughts on the New Pop

Maybe the New Pop won’t be as bad as we thought…

Again, a stupid logo fail

This week, I’m returning to a topic that has been brought up a lot in the past few months. And one that many people, myself included, were so not happy about. Yup, I’m once again doing a New Pop post.

As you may know, I really am dreading its release. Countless posts, well, more like 3 or 4, have been made of me saying all these bad things about New Pop and how bad it will be and how Poptropica will fall apart and so will its community…OK, it wasn’t exactly like that, but that is sure how I felt inside.

Yet, maybe we are overreacting a little. What if New Pop ISN’T as bad as we all think. I have some theories on what it will be like.

However, it’s not like we got any major news on this since New Pop’s announcement, so let’s just take a look back at the Creaots’ Blog post from the Cursed April 25th.


I think I actually may have a good idea of what the New Pop will be like, just from that post alone…

New Look: I guess the website will just look…shinier? Not much I can say on this but that. Also, it probably will be on a totally different website, with a slightly different URL. Maybe you’ll have to actually download it. As for the app, hopefully it’s up to date and has all the islands and stuff. Maybe there could be cross play between desktop and mobile if that’s the case. Let’s hope…

New Avatar: Poptropicans will probably have necks, fingers, and more realistic legs. There may be ears and noses, but I hope not. I’m guessing that the huge eyes will still be there, if they aren’t then I’m gonna be REALLY mad cause those eyes make a Poptropican…Poptropican! About clothing, I really hope that we’ll get way more options and maybe we’ll even be able to make our OWN costume parts! Probably will be a members only feature though.
New Stuff: Shoes? Good. Pets? Better. Houses? I don’t know, I don’t care.

New Social Experience: I have a good feeling that New Pop will finally have a free chatting system similar to Club Penguin. Finally. This is what Pop needs!

So yeah, New Pop probably won’t be bad, just more modern! And it doesn’t come out for a few more months though, don’t worry…


You may have noticed that I left out the “New Stories” part. I did this for a reason. I have a heck of a lot to say about this part, so keep on reading…

It seems like all the islands will finally be connected in one story. Something like this has happened in Super Villain Island, but there wasn’t much of an explaination. Now we know that all the islands are in one universe, and that this must mean that…

The New Pop isn’t entirely new. The old islands must still be canon if they are going to make a unified story, right? This is huge, guys. We could possibly get real villain origins, backstrories, forward-stories, and maybe even the true origin of Poptropica. Hopefully even your Poptropican’s backstory and their family.

I have to admit, even though this all sounds so cool and epic, I, still worried about New Pop. I’m sure many of you are too. We don’t know what will happen for sure, we just don’t have enough information yet. We probably are sad to say goodbye to the Current, soon to be Old Poptropica, even though it apparently will still be around for us to play. We probably are scared for a change.

But we shouldn’t be saying all these bad things about a game that hasn’t even released yet. Imagine if the Creators saw that, people criticizing all their hard work. It’s OK to be worried, but let’s just try to keep a positive attitude about the New Pop. Besides, it won’t come out for months…will it?

Tall Cactus

Pop TV: Episode 4


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 4

Time Mime

*Episode begins with Jack laying on the ground, regaining consciousness. He opens and closes his eyes once or twice before finally opening his eyes fully and standing up. He seems to be in some little town, a normal one, except for a laboratory being right in front of him.*

Jack: Wha-what, where am I? Where’s Piper?!

*Jack runs around, screaming Piper’s name.*

Jack: I guess this place is abandoned, no one’s even here. I never thought I would actually be worried about Piper for once.

*Just than, a woman with crazy hair walks out of the lab, crying.*

Jack: Looks like someone listened to me for once.

*Jack walks up to the woman.*

Jack: Have you seen a teen that’s my age who’s kinda short and has blonde hair and wears a rainbow headband around here, ma’am?

Woman: No, but we have a huge problem!

Jack: Um, what is it.

Woman: Follow me!

Jack: Um, I thought kids shouldn’t follow strangers, or even talk to them. Oh, oops. I’m talking to a stranger, yay…I’m just gonna try to find Piper now, bye!

Woman: You don’t understand! Please, come with me into the lab…

Jack: Ugh, whatever, I’ll help you with your “problem”.

Woman: Good, this is perfect…

*Jack and the woman enter the lab.*


*Inside the lab, Jack immediately notices a huge, gray machine.*

Jack: Woah, what’s that?

Woman: It’s a time machine, that Peter Pendulum, AKA my boss, created. It only allows uses to go 50 years into the future, but more features will be added once he and my fellow coworkers return from vacation. You see, I’m in charge of watching over the lab.

Jack: But then what’s wrong?

Woman: It glitched or something, I don’t even know, so all these imprints th objects from history for mixed up in different time periods, ruining the future. Why don’t you enter the machine and see for yourself.

Jack: Um, OK I guess…

*Jack enters the machine, and a bright blue flags of light is seen as he travels into the future.*

Jack: OMZ, what happened to this place?

*The place looks like a war zone, all the buildings are in ruins, and people are walking around like cavemen.*

Future Jack: Hello, younger me.

Jack: What was that?!

Future Jack: Over here! I’m you but 50 years older.

Jack: You look…old.

Future Jack: I’m only 64.

Jack: Still…

Future Jack: Anyways, I need you to fix the last and save the future. Here’s a list of all of the objects you need to find and return.

Jack: Um, how do you know all of this?

Future Jack: I have my ways. Anyways, here in my hand is the device you can use to travel back in time.

Jack: How did you even get it though?

Future Jack: You see, this device is a gift from my friend, who likes to call himself the “Time Mime”. Look, you can see him performing right over there!

*Time Mime pretends that he’s climbing a mountain, but eventually falls over and hurts his leg.*

Time Mime: I’m seriously done with this acting job, what’s even the point of it?

Future Jack: Shhh, we’ll get a thousand credits for doing this, some of those explorers are darn rich. Now get back in character before Jack hears!

Jack: Um, what was that…

Future Jack: Oh, just nothing you need to worry about. Anyways, here is the device. Use it wisely, and don’t lose it! Don’t wanna waste budget money.

*The Time Mime walks away angrily.*

Future Jack: Hehe, I mean, I don’t wanna waste MY money, it sure cost a lot, know what I mean?

Jack: Just give me the dumb thing so I can get out of here and save Piper!

Future Jack: OK, fine, take it younger me.

*Future Jack tosses the device over to the younger Jack.*

Jack: It’s time to fix time.

*Jack uses the dial on the small gold device to go back in time.*

*A montage, that lasts about a couple minutes, is then shown. A song is playing in the background as Jack is seen helping some historical people in all different time periods.*

Jack: OK, I returned all the items back to where they belong, now it’s time to go see the new future!

*The good future is all futuristic and sunny and happy with Hoverboards and hover cars and hover houses and everything hover.*

Jack: This is surprisingly cliche, I think I’m just gonna go back to the present now.

Future Jack: Wait wait I got you a medallion wait! Oh, he’s gone. Whatever…

Back in present day…

Jack: Now I gotta go tell that woman that I fixed everything.

*Jack walks into the lab. It’s empty. He’s runs back to the deserted street.*

Jack: None of this makes sense! None of it! The woman is gone! and I never heard of anything that I saw in the last until now, they had to be fake! Where’s the Battle of Poptropolis, where’s the formation of the Poptropican democracy? Not even one mention of President Paul Tropica? And those past people didn’t even notice that I was wearing modern clothing? None of that was real, none of it!

*Jack walks around in confusion for a few minutes, until, he realizes something.*

Jack: When I traveled back in time, they were saying things about the “United States”, the country where Piper was from. Odd…where even is Piper? Wait, Piper’s not here at all! In fact, no one’s here!

*In his rage, Jack runs straight forward, right into a…wall?*

Jack: What?! There isn’t a wall here…oh no, what if I’m turning into a mime! What if Time Mime’s time travel device makes everyone who uses it turn into mimes permanently? What do I do, what do I do?!

*He then punches the wall a bunch of times. Suddenly, the entire thing collapses and he sees his parents, Piper and some other strangers in a dark room. One of the strangers looked exactly like that scientist woman, one looked exactly like the Time Mime, and the rest looked like all the historical characters Jack met.*

Jack: Um, um, what the heck are you doing here?!

Octavian: You far exceeded our expectations, Jack.

Jack: Expectations? You knew about this?!

Amelia: Well, not the blimp part, that is. We were planning to do the test in a few years, but then we got that phone alert about you and Piper stealing our blimp…

Jack: This was a test?

*Octavian and Amelia fall silent, staring at Jack’s shocked facial expression. After a few moments of silence, Octavian says something.*

Octavian: Yes, it was a test. We just couldn’t think of any other way to decide whether you’re ready of being an explorer. Your mother and I were once explorers ourselves, you know…


(All that is seen during the end credits is a sign that says “To be continued…” while some music is heard in the background.)

Pop TV: Episode 3


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 3

Blimp Ride

*The episode opens with Piper and Jack sleeping in the bunk bed. An alarm clock is heard beeping and she wakes up, her hair a total mess. Piper presses the snooze button, and falls back asleep. But the alarm beeps again an hour or so later. Jack is a deep sleeper and didn’t even notice the alarm.*

Piper: Ugh…

*She rubs her eyes and then looks at the clock. It’s 7:59 am.*


*She quickly puts on a sweatshirt and sweatpants over her pajamas and runs out the door ending up at the school 5 minutes later. She sees no one there. She looks through a window, it’s dark inside.*

Piper: Oh right, it’s Sunday…*sigh*

*Piper walks home, where she realizes that everyone is still sleeping, so she climbs back into bed and dozes off once again.*

*Later, Piper walks downstairs and sees Jack, Octavian, and Amelia watching TV in the living room.*

Amelia: Hello Piper, how did you sleep?

Piper: Good, I guess.

Jack: Um… if you just woke up, then why are you dressed?!

Piper: *nervously laughs* You see, I um, thought I had school…

Jack: *slaps hand on his face and nods his head*

Octavian: Anyways, me and your mom are going to go see a movie and go out for dinner. You’re 8th graders, old enough to stay home yourself.

Amelia: We are going to leave at 4 and we should be home by 9. If you need anything then just call us, and don’t answer the door-

Piper: Why are you telling us if you’re not leaving for hours?

Jack: Because it’s 2 pm.

Piper: I slept for that long?!

Jack: Yup. Guess you shouldn’t have stayed up till 5 am.

Piper: Ugh, you’re no fun. Can we go outside or something, I’m bored.

Jack: OK.

*Outside, the kids notice the mysterious shack.*

Piper: Ooh, I wonder what’s in there-

Jack: No, no, don’t touch! My dad said to never go near it.

Piper: We could tonight…

Jack: *smiles*


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Theory Thursdays: The Booted Bandit’s True Identity

Hey Poptropicans, welcome back to Theory Thursdays. After a two week break for the Q&A, the theories are back baby!

And the logo wouldn’t work…

Today we will be discussing the Booted Bandit, one of the most mysterious villains to date. Even though they only play a minor role in Escape From Pelican Rock, similar to the Red Baroness from Monkey Wrench, the Booted Bandit is unique as they are an exact copy of your Poptropican! Sadly, the reason for this was never actually explored in Pelican Rock, but I have a few ideas of my sleeve.

You see, I believe that the Booted Bandit is actually your Poptropican’s long lost identical twin.

It may seem too shocking to be true, but there actully isn’t any evidence against that statement, as nothing has been revealed about your Poptropican’s backstory or family except how you found the blimp. This may change in New Pop, however. I’m actually starting to think that New Pop won’t be so bad after all. But that theory isn’t until next Thursday!

Anyways, this also explains the reason why the Booted Bandit is even evil. They are probably jealous of you for being so famous and heroic, while they are just a burgler with no friends. They seem to be obsessed with becoming rich, as they robbed all those banks and are looking for some treasure in that tower thingy, so I’m guessing all those medallions you collect are actually worth a lot of cash.

So the second they see you in Bay City, the Booted Bandit realizes this is their chance for revenge, and the events of EFPR follow.

Finally, I want to point out that the Booted Bandit is not the only character to look identical to your Poptropican. There’s also that butler dude from Mystery Train. But remember, I believe that Mystery Train is just a play or maybe a movie, so what if the Booted Bandit was an actor/actress who never rose to fame, unlike their heroic twin? Just let that settle in for a moment.

And that’s all for this week’s theory. See you next Thursday for my new thoughts on the New Pop!

Tall Cactus

Pop TV: Episode 2


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 2

Pilgrim Plunder

*Piper and Jack are walking out the door of Jack’s house the day after the first episode*

Piper: Weekend! Weekend! Let’s have fun!!!

Jack: I know, I know. Don’t you realize that you overreact about everything?

Piper: Yes, but I’m not gonna stop. I’m a rebel child…who’s starting to get bored. What is there even to do around here!!

Jack: Not much. I just heard that an old arcade on Main Street is reopening today, though.

Piper: Ooh let’s go there right now!

Jack: I have to go get some money from my parents first.

Piper: Okay…

Jack: But Piper, why are you always wearing that medallion? What even is it?!

Piper: I don’t know, I don’t care. Let’s just go have fun now!

5 Minutes Later, on Main Street…

Jack: Well, we made it to the arcade, so-

Piper: What’s that?!

Jack: What’s what?!

Piper: That sign over there.

*Piper points to a sign that says something about the old part of town*

Piper: Old part of town? Let’s go there!

Jack: Can we at least just go check out the arcade first?

Piper: Fine…

*Piper walks inside the arcade, but Jack stands outside for a moment, staring at the sign*

Jack: Maybe this town is more interesting than I thought…


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